Side A kicks off with an excellent demo from this month’s interview subject, Lon Ray, from WLRW/WIXY, Champaign, Illinois! Cut 2 is audio for this month’s Producer’s VU column, a well done Web site promo from Johnny George of WGRL/WFMS/WGLD. We fill out the rest of Side A with more great promo work from around the globe, starting with cut 3 which cleverly takes advantage of the popularity of the Jerry Springer Show.

Side B is loaded with another superb collection of commercial work. Cut 4, Oasis Concert Teaser, uses a computer “talk” program for one of the voices—nice touch! The last cut on Side B, from Lee Edwards, is a special feature done after a fund-raising event at WLWI/Montgomery, Alabama. The event was “Don Day’s Rooftop Camp-out for Kids” which was done to raise money to combat child abuse. Don camped out on the roof of the local Civic Center for four days (and it was raining the whole time). The montage is a re-cap of the event, which was played on the air for a few days following the event. Not only is this a great piece of production, but it once again reminds us of the power of radio and our ability to direct that power to a worthy cause--and this kind of break from promos and club spots must have left Lee with a very satisfying feeling about his craft!

Side A

1. Demo from Lon Ray, WLRW/WIXY, Champaign, Illinois
2. Producer’s VU audio: Web Site Promo, Johnny George, WGRL/WFMS/WGLD, Indianapolis, IN
3. Morning Show/Springer, Craig Jackman, CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
4. WIBC/Hear The News, Lonnie Perkins, Perkins & Co., Louisville, Kentucky
5. Twin Spin, Tom Wilson, WODJ-FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan
6. Q-Vette Giveaway, Greg Murray, WLVQ-FM, Columbus, Ohio
7. Real Life Answers, Mark Michaels, KGBI-FM, Omaha, Nebraska
8. Morning Show, Tom Kief, WRVE-FM, Albany, New York
9. Saturday Rock & Roll, Jeff Kirkwood, CHUM-FM, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
10. Rock 94 Key Machine, Daryl Bolton, CJSD, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
11. Counterfeit Tickets, Stew Herrera, KLOS, Los Angeles, California

Side B

1. Festus Ford, Pat White, WIL-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
2. Fatz Café, Stephen Hester, WSPA/WFBC, Greenville, SC
3. South East Car Centre, Gerry O’Donnell, Tipp FM, Clonmel, Ireland
4. Oasis Concert Teaser, Dusty Rhodes, Digital Audio Productions, Dublin, Ireland
5. Springfield Power Games, Kat Morgan, KOSP/KKLH, Springfield, Missouri
6. Dr. Cooperrider, John Nixon, KLSY/KIXI, Bellevue, Washington
7. Gaddis Discount Auto, Wade Barger, WMDH-AM/FM, New Castle, Indiana
8. What Husbands Wish Their Wives..., Jeff Caylor, Westar Media Group, Colorado Springs, Colorado
9. Vat 19, Phil Doyle, City Beat 96.7 FM, Belfast, Northern Ireland
10. Frank’s Shoe Repair, Laurie Olson, KUOO/KUQQ, Spirit Lake, Iowa
11. Kimberly-Clark, Rob Naughton, KSHE-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
12. Rooftop Campout Finale, Lee Edwards, WLWI-FM, Montgomery, Alabama

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