by Jeffrey Hedquist

World famous radio legend Chuck Blore once told me that instead of being “theater of the mind,” radio is really “theater of the gut,” because of its emotional impact.

Let’s face it, people buy emotionally. They may justify it logically and objectively, but most purchases are emotional.

So always remember to describe the positive feeling that the purchaser will have once he has the advertised product or service...or how miserable their lives will be without it. We’re talking benefits not features here. The quickest route to a purchasing decision is through the emotions.

When writing a commercial, ask yourself, how will somebody feel once they have purchased this? How will somebody feel once they have signed up for this subscription? How will they feel if they don’t try this service?

Reach deep and construct a set of feelings that will resonate with the psyches of your target audience. Your tools are all the basic emotions: fear, greed, lust, envy, love, security, happiness, self-esteem. Use them to your advantage.

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