BROADCAST ELECTRONICS announces the release of Version 6.5 of AudioVAULT, their digital delivery system. The new software features Voice Tracker, an extension to AVSchedule which simplifies scheduling, production, and maintenance of recorded voice tracks. AV-Edit is a graphical waveform-based cut and splice editor. And AirBoss is a new text management system that integrates jock, music, and artist notes and live copy info into the on-air studio. 217/224-9600, fax 217/224-9607, www.

STUDIO AUDIO & VIDEO LTD has released Version 3.03 software for the SADiE workstation. New features include a 9-pin machine window which enhances control of the remote deck, and phase reverse and left/right channel swap functions. The free upgrade is available on the SADiE Web site at Also new from SAVL is the Octavia 8/24. Expected to start shipping in the first quarter of ’98, the Octavia 8/24 digital workstation features 8 inputs and 24 outputs, both analog and digital, and is capable of playing at least 24 tracks off one SCSI disk. Inside are four AT&T 32-bit floating point DSPs delivering 140Mflops of processing power. The system comes complete with 20-bit A/D and D/A Delta Sigma converters on all inputs and outputs, however, the system is designed to operate from 11.025kHz to 96kHz sampling rates and from 8-bit to 24-bit. +44 (0) 1353-648888, fax +44 (0) 1353-648867.

OTARI CORPORATION introduces the MR-30 Professional MiniDisc Recorder. You get 74 minutes of stereo recording and 148 minutes of mono recording along with a full range of on-board editing and programming functions. Features include an automatic record start function, automatic track numbering, up to five “cue points” per track, an undo function, pitch control, “instant playback,” an optional sampling frequency converter for allowing digital I/O of 32kHz or 48kHz signals and more. Also new from Otari is the CDR-18 Compact Disc Recorder. Features include an onboard sampling rate converter so that 32kHz and 48kHz input signals can automatically be converted to the unit’s standard 44.1kHz sampling frequency. The CDR-18 offers lower distortion and improved channel separation; XLR and RCA analog I/O; AES/EBU, IEC958 (coaxial), and optical digital I/O; Digital Syncro Record Mode, automatic track numbering, a digital fader function, a parallel remote control interface, and wireless remote control. (800) 877-0577,

SONIC FOUNDRY announces plans to distribute Seer Systems’ “Reality” software synthesizer, the first professional synthesizer that runs on a Pentium PC and enables users to move back and forth between Reality and Sound Forge entirely in the digital domain. 608/256-3133, fax 608/256-7300,,

PHILIPS ELECTRONICS M&D Business Unit recently unveiled the TriCodec, the MPEG multimedia engine based on Philips’ new multimedia IC, the TriMedia processor. TriCodec ($445) is a PCI plug-in card that provides PCs with the capability to capture, encode, edit, and compose video and audio titles. The new card supports all digital media formats, delivers DVD playback support on a PC, and provides extensive capabilities including Video-CD authoring using CD-R or CD-RW. 818/551-7360.

NEUTRIK hits the Internet with their new Web site. The company is a leading manufacturer of connectors for professional audio applications. Check it out at

DIAMOND CUT PRODUCTIONS and TRACER TECHNOLOGIES introduce DC-Art rev 2.0. Diamond Cut Audio Restoration Tools (DC-Art) ($199) is a Microsoft Windows based program that removes ticks, pops, crackle, buzzes and surface noise from any recording. It gives the user all of the software tools necessary to perform high quality mono or stereo noise reduction. In addition DC-Art is a powerful audio wavefile editor for use in general audio applications. DC-Art is effective for “cleaning up” vinyl LP’s and 45 rpm records and can be used for sound restoration, special effects, or professional applications such as removing buzzes, hums, and audience noise from live performances, single ended noise reduction of old analog tape recordings, improving the intelligibility of recorded telephone conversations, and much more. New features in Version 2.0 include reverb, a Harmonic Reject Filter for getting rid of buzz and other harmonically rich noises, a filter toolbar for quick access to all of the filters, and one button preview. 973/316 9111, fax 973/316-5098,

PACIFIC RESEARCH & ENGINEERING recently showed a prototype of its SoundFire Digital Audio Engine at Comdex ’97 in Las Vegas. SoundFire provides Windows-based computers with the ability to record and play back multiple independent streams of DVD-quality digital audio simultaneously. This new-technology product makes possible very sophisticated audio applications, such as desktop Surround Sound, audio-on-demand, and high-performance recording/ broadcast operations. Originally proposed by Apple Computer and nicknamed FireWire the IEEE-1394 specification is a high-speed serial bus that industry analysts believe will soon be the standard method of interconnection between multimedia peripherals. FireWire has gained support from many leading technology companies, including Microsoft, IBM, NEC, Sony, Yamaha, Texas Instruments and Maxtor. 760/438-3911.

REALNETWORKS, INC. announces that the final version of the free RealPlayer 5.0 has been released and is now available for download. You can upgrade to RealPlayer 5.0 by visiting New features include smoother, sharper RealVideo, near CD-quality voice at 28.8, streaming cartoon-style animations using RealFlash, co-developed with Macromedia, 2x larger video screen, full-screen video above 100kbps on Windows 95/NT. RealPlayer Plus 5.0, the premium version of RealPlayer ($29.99), is now available for purchase and immediate download at Additional benefits include the best-quality RealAudio and RealVideo at 28.8, one-button scanning for LIVE audio and video sites, instant access to content with programmable preset buttons, the ability to record selected clips, and free tech support.

Cakewalk Pro Audio Version 6.01 is now available from CAKEWALK MUSIC SOFTWARE. The new version adds native 32-bit support for Windows NT 4.0, support for RealNetworks’ RealMedia for optimized music on the Web, and allows users to export audio-only tracks as RealAudio files. The 6.01 update follows the release of Cakewalk Pro Audio 6 in May ‘97, which included Cakewalk’s own CFX audio processing effects, support for Microsoft DirectX audio plug-ins, and Cakewalk StudioWare for integrating and automating studio gear all from within Cakewalk. The new 6.01 version is available as a free update to registered Cakewalk Pro Audio 6 users. 888/CAKEWALK, fax 617/441-7887,

TASCAM is shipping the new DA-98 Modular Digital Multitrack Recorder. Building upon the DA-88, this new addition to the line offers new features such as confidence monitoring, individual input monitor select switches, switchable reference levels, an integrated electronic patchbay, digital track copy capability, a comprehensive LCD display, dedicated function/numeric keys for system operation, a built-in synchronizer, a D-sub connector for parallel interface control, and the optional RM-98 rackmount ear adapter for use with the industry-standard Accuride 200 rail system. It’s fully compatible with both the DA-88 and DA-38. For more info, call 213/726-0303, fax 213/727-7656, or check the Tascam Web site at


JOE KELLY has purchased all outstanding shares of Kelly/Silver Worldwide, Inc. stock, including all shares previously held by partners Edward “Bud” Silver and Thomas E. Flynn. The purchase price was 18.3 million dollars cash. Accordingly, Silver and Flynn have left the company. Kelly/Silver Worldwide owns and operates the AVDeli and Chateau Brazil commercial music labels. The firm also owns and operates several publishing companies, studios in six different cities, and a Wisconsin based chain of theater groups. When making the announcement, Kelly also noted the appointment of Richard C. Blakley as the firm’s new President. Blakley, who is an attorney, joins the firm from M&I Investment Group of Racine, WI. Kelly remains as CEO/Creative Director and Jan L. Silver continues as Chief Financial Officer. As of January 1, 1998, the company has changed its name to AVDeliWorldWide. 414/632-8610, fax 414/632-5527.

TECHSONICS has recently released CD #5 of their latest library, TECH X, geared for Alternative and Modern Rock formats. Their recently released contemporary music and SFX library Total Access has grown to 23 CDs with six new updates scheduled for 1998. Nine Techsonics libraries are now available. Also scheduled for production are a new “cutting-edge” jingle package and a new promo library. Techsonics is marketed through FirstCom. 800/858-8880.

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