letters-logo-oct95I have a real problem with Tim Kelly’s (Sept. ’98) suggestion of ripping off HSN or other TV audio. Reason #1 - It’s stealing. Reason #2 - It tells me that the person stealing the performance is burnt out and can’t come up with his/her own stuff. This is an action taken from a position of weakness.

In response to the inevitable “EVERYBODY DOES IT,” no they don’t. In response to the inevitable, “QVC gets a kick out of hearing their material on our air.” If someone started ripping off your creative ideas for use somewhere else on the planet, you’d be pissed.

Ty Ford


June 01, 2013 5465
by Steve Cunningham After a few issues wherein we’ve dealt with various forms of Internet esoterica, this month we’ll get back to the basics of assembling a serviceable audio editing station. Our specific goal this month is to...