This month's Cassette begins with a fabulous demo from interviewee, John Frost/KROQ-FM, Los Angeles! The demo opens with the "Wheel of Fortune" promo discussed in the interview. The rest of Side A is filled with more great promos from across the country and across the pond!

Side B offers another superb collection of commercials. We wrap up the side with a spoof spot from Craig and Renaud at CHEZ-FM in Ottawa, followed by a comedy bit from Rich Boerner. Nice job everyone!

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from John Frost/KROQ-FM, Los Angeles, California
Cut 2 - "WEBN Garment District/Rush" - Joel Moss/WEBN, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cut 3 - "Guiness Summer Party" - Patrick O'Regan/Corks 96FM, Cork City, Ireland
Cut 4 - "John Landecker Mini-golf Tourney" - Bob Lawson(wp), Jim Merkel(v)/WJMK, Chicago, Illinois
Cut 5 - "Oldies 100.9 at Work" - Bill Flowers, Randy Reeves(v)/Urbanwild Productions, North Bridgton, Maine
Cut 6 - "Summer Spotter" - Matt Rawlings(pv), Zeus(v)/WGRL, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 7 - "Tickets Easy" - J. Fox(vp), Lon Larkin(w)/KMOQ, Joplin, Missouri
Cut 8 - "'KLQ Science" - John Pellegrini(wpv)/WKLQ, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Cut 9 - "Page-Plant" - Randy McCarten(wpv), Bill Travis(v)/WIIL, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Cut 10 - "Winner's Weekend" - D.Hopkins(v), R.Massie(w), P.White(p)/WIL, St. Louis, Missouri
Cut 11 - "Summer Getaway" - Ron Maxwell(wvp)/WSOR, Ft. Myers, Florida

Side B

Cut 1 - "Frito Lay" - Matt Rawlings(p), Tom Berry(w)/WFMS, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 2 - "Madden's TV" - Patrick O'Regan/Corks 96FM, Cork City, Ireland
Cut 3 - "Brian Duncan Concert" - Mike Eaton(wpv)/KAIM, Honolulu, Hawaii
Cut 4 - "Skyline Chili" - Steve Wein(wpv), Sarah Wein(v), Kelly Austin(v)/WLQT/WDOL, Dayton, Ohio
Cut 5 - "Five Forks Village" - Holly Buchanan/WMXB, Richmond, Virginia
Cut 6 - "Tony Roma's" - S.Matthews(pv), S.Yelton(v), S.Scarborough(w)/WKQQ, Lexington, Kentucky
Cut 7 - "Water/AHP" - Kurt Ramspott(w), Kathy Morgan(vp)/KOSP, Springfield, Missouri
Cut 8 - "Ole's Restaurant" - Jill Brown(wpv)/WLOI/WCOE, La Porte, Indiana
Cut 9 - "Albright Knox Art Gallery" - John Senall(w), Todd Broady(p)/WBEN, Buffalo, New York
Cut 10 - "Wild West Wednesdays" - Mark McKay(wpv)/KIIM/KCUB, Tucson, Arizona
Cut 11 - "Freakazoid" - Kurt W. Schenk(wpv)/WMAX, Rochester, New York
Cut 12 - "Upton Advertising" - S.Taylor(pv), M.Tucker(wv), J.Long(v)/WXRR/WBBN, Laurel, Mississippi
Cut 13 - "Messina Used Cars" - Jacobs(vp), Cassidy(v), Cat(w)/WODJ, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Cut 14 - "Dad Doll" spoof - Craig Jackman(pv), Renaud Timson(wv)/CHEZ, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Cut 15 - "Felony Feud" bit - Rich Boerner/WTKS, Orlando, Florida

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