This month's Cassette begins with a fabulous demo from interviewee, John Frost/KROQ-FM, Los Angeles! The demo opens with the "Wheel of Fortune" promo discussed in the interview. The rest of Side A is filled with more great promos from across the country and across the pond!

Side B offers another superb collection of commercials. We wrap up the side with a spoof spot from Craig and Renaud at CHEZ-FM in Ottawa, followed by a comedy bit from Rich Boerner. Nice job everyone!

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from John Frost/KROQ-FM, Los Angeles, California
Cut 2 - "WEBN Garment District/Rush" - Joel Moss/WEBN, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cut 3 - "Guiness Summer Party" - Patrick O'Regan/Corks 96FM, Cork City, Ireland
Cut 4 - "John Landecker Mini-golf Tourney" - Bob Lawson(wp), Jim Merkel(v)/WJMK, Chicago, Illinois
Cut 5 - "Oldies 100.9 at Work" - Bill Flowers, Randy Reeves(v)/Urbanwild Productions, North Bridgton, Maine
Cut 6 - "Summer Spotter" - Matt Rawlings(pv), Zeus(v)/WGRL, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 7 - "Tickets Easy" - J. Fox(vp), Lon Larkin(w)/KMOQ, Joplin, Missouri
Cut 8 - "'KLQ Science" - John Pellegrini(wpv)/WKLQ, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Cut 9 - "Page-Plant" - Randy McCarten(wpv), Bill Travis(v)/WIIL, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Cut 10 - "Winner's Weekend" - D.Hopkins(v), R.Massie(w), P.White(p)/WIL, St. Louis, Missouri
Cut 11 - "Summer Getaway" - Ron Maxwell(wvp)/WSOR, Ft. Myers, Florida

Side B

Cut 1 - "Frito Lay" - Matt Rawlings(p), Tom Berry(w)/WFMS, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 2 - "Madden's TV" - Patrick O'Regan/Corks 96FM, Cork City, Ireland
Cut 3 - "Brian Duncan Concert" - Mike Eaton(wpv)/KAIM, Honolulu, Hawaii
Cut 4 - "Skyline Chili" - Steve Wein(wpv), Sarah Wein(v), Kelly Austin(v)/WLQT/WDOL, Dayton, Ohio
Cut 5 - "Five Forks Village" - Holly Buchanan/WMXB, Richmond, Virginia
Cut 6 - "Tony Roma's" - S.Matthews(pv), S.Yelton(v), S.Scarborough(w)/WKQQ, Lexington, Kentucky
Cut 7 - "Water/AHP" - Kurt Ramspott(w), Kathy Morgan(vp)/KOSP, Springfield, Missouri
Cut 8 - "Ole's Restaurant" - Jill Brown(wpv)/WLOI/WCOE, La Porte, Indiana
Cut 9 - "Albright Knox Art Gallery" - John Senall(w), Todd Broady(p)/WBEN, Buffalo, New York
Cut 10 - "Wild West Wednesdays" - Mark McKay(wpv)/KIIM/KCUB, Tucson, Arizona
Cut 11 - "Freakazoid" - Kurt W. Schenk(wpv)/WMAX, Rochester, New York
Cut 12 - "Upton Advertising" - S.Taylor(pv), M.Tucker(wv), J.Long(v)/WXRR/WBBN, Laurel, Mississippi
Cut 13 - "Messina Used Cars" - Jacobs(vp), Cassidy(v), Cat(w)/WODJ, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Cut 14 - "Dad Doll" spoof - Craig Jackman(pv), Renaud Timson(wv)/CHEZ, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Cut 15 - "Felony Feud" bit - Rich Boerner/WTKS, Orlando, Florida

On the Soundstage

Sentry Box
Joel Poirier, Kaden Hawkins, Will Halliwell


June 01, 2014 1951
Rob Naughton, Rob Naughton Voiceovers, Edwardsville, IL When we last checked in with Rob over 15 years ago, he was taking care of commercials at KSHE in St. Louis, working alongside Ed Brown who at the time was handling the...