SYNTRILLIUM SOFTWARE announces the release of Cool Edit Pro 1.0 ($399). (Check out the RAP Test Drive of the pre-release version in the May ’97 issue!) The Windows-based multi-track software features 64-track mixing, real-time preview for most DSP effects, support for multiple sound cards, SMPTE/MIDI time-clock synchronization, support for ActiveMovie/DirextX plug-ins, and, of course, much more. Check their Web site at for more information or to download the demo version. 602/941-4327, fax 602/941-8170.

 BROADCAST ELECTRONICS announces the latest version of their popular AudioVAULT digital delivery system. Version 6.5 features AV-Edit, a new, fully integrated 32-bit cut and paste editor that allows direct editing of AudioVAULT files. AV-Edit will also be able to record new material and assemble AudioVAULT “carts.” 217/224-9600, 217/224-9607,

 ORBAN has begun shipping their new on-air digital delivery system. AirTime uses the QNX operating system which allows more data throughput than Windows-based systems. AirTime also offers four user interfaces designed to be familiar and intuitive. Sound Cube mimics the functions of analog cart machines. Sound Slate offers on-air talent instant access to sound libraries, Sound Screen uses touch-screens for both on-air and administrative tasks, and a basic keyboard/mouse can be used for production, program entry, and traffic management. 510/351-5100, fax 510/351-0500,

 SUMMIT AUDIO introduces the Model EQP-200B Dual Program Equalizer. The new unit replaces the EQP-200A and offers new features including a low frequency 6dB per octave shelving filter, new 180Hz and 1.5kHz frequencies, and more. 408/464-2448, fax 408/464-7659.

 MICRO TECHNOLOGY UNLIMITED is celebrating the one year anniversary of shipping the newest MicroSound(TM) Krystal DSP Engine. This PCI board uses a 56301 DSP processor to upgrade MicroSound audio workstations running the new MicroEditor Version 5.0 Software. Krystal delivers up to 10 times more processing power to mix and simultaneously play up to 512 tracks. Krystal and MicroEditor run on Windows 95(R) PC computers. A Windows NT(R) version will ship later this year. 919/870-0344, fax 919/870-7163,

 SONIC FOUNDRY announces the debut of its updated Noise Reduction Plug-In as a DirectX Audio Plug-In. The newly retooled software ($249) now features real-time previews and operates with any editor that supports DirectX Audio Plug-Ins, including Sound Forge 4.0. With real-time previews, editors can constantly monitor and adjust audio signals to achieve noise-free audio with a minimum of artifacting. The program retains the three main functions of the original: Noise Reduction, Click Removal Tool, and Vinyl Restoration Tool. 608/256-3133, fax 608/256-7300,

 JR PRO SALES, U.S. distributor of BASF recording media, introduces two new tape products, the BASF brand DTRS Master tape for DA-88s in 30, 60, and 113 minute lengths, and the ADAT Master tape for ADAT users available in 40 and 60 minute lengths. 888/295-5551.

 BROADCAST SOFTWARE INTERNATIONAL (BSI) announces a new specification for electronically labeling digital audio files, allowing them to be transferred from location-to-location without losing descriptive information. The BSI standard allows information such as start and end date, artist, title, liner notes, etc. to be embedded in an audio WAV file. Currently, only a special BSI edition of the CoolEdit digital audio editor from Syntrillium Software is capable of inserting information into the files. The files can be read by BSI’s WaveStation digital automation, WaveCart digital cart machine, and Audio Data Editor programs. To allow anyone to take advantage of the digital labeling today, BSI is making a special bundled package of Cool Edit and the Audio Data Editor available for only $50. The bundle can be downloaded from the BSI Web site at For info, call 602/572-8525, fax 602/572-8116, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


 PROMUSIC INC. announces the release of 26 new CDs to their collection of music libraries. For a list, call 800/322-7879 or check their Web site at


 The NAB Radio Show comes to New Orleans this month, September 17th through the 20th. If you’re going to be there, be sure to check out KROQ’s John Frost on Thursday, September 18th as he moderates a discussion on Production: Imaging Is Everything. And certainly don’t forget to check in on RAP’s Dennis Daniel and John Pellegrini as they presents another workshop on Stream of Consciousness Production, on Friday, the 19th. For more info, contact NAB at 202/775-4970 or check their Web site at

 Congrats to RAPster Kurt S. Kaniewski/WMRN, Marion, Ohio on winning the Silver Microphone Award for Best Use of SFX. Check out this month’s RAP Cassette to hear the winning spot! Kudos also to Kurt on two more awards at the recent London International Advertising Awards. Kurt reports, out of all the winners for the radio category, his represented the ONLY radio station in the U.S. to bring home a winner!

 If you’re an MDM user and planning on being at the AES Convention this month in New York, you might want to check out the program, “Cleanliness is Next to Godliness--The Care and Feeding of MDMs.” Slated for 9:00 a.m. Friday, Sept. 26th, the program will feature a workshop with tips and methods for care an maintenance of MDM recorders and tapes such as ADATs, DA-88s, and others. 212/661-8528 or 212/629-0326.

 Break out the cigars! Congratulations to RAPster Dennis McAtee and wife Annette on their new baby girl, Gabrielle Anne born July 22nd. Dennis is the Continuity/Production Director for KKOW-AM/FM, Joplin/Pittsburg, MO.

 Ken Dardis/Production Director at SportsRadio WKNR, Cleveland, OH announces his company Web site at Pay it a visit!

 If you’d like to keep on top of the up and coming DVD technology, check out the brochure from PHILIPS ELECTRONICS called Mastering and Duplication: Authoring DVD. It’s free! Phone 408/453-7373, or fax 408/453-6444.