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One glorious night, as I was pointing and clicking my way around the Web for the answer as to why there is an expiration date on my sour cream container, I learned something new about Netscape. Behold: one must no longer type "http://www" when entering a URL. You can now just skip the general address location and get to the personal. For example, "" Ahhhhhhhhh, yes. A nice new feature of Netscape.

Likable Links:

Cheat Sheet home-page visits include KRUD Radio, Earthtime, and BIG Kahuna Productions. KRUD Radio cares nothing about TSLs nor offending salespeople but is a great place to, if anything, check out their weekly radio comic strips. From Blooper Tapes to Stupid Listener Questions and New Station Policies, it's a fun stop for the radio abused. Don't forget to take the "Could you be a PD Quiz."

New from Starfish Software is the "Earthtime Plug-In." This free downloadable demo, makes it easy to keep track of time for communications across time zones. The program displays the local time in up to eight cities around the world with over 375 locations in its database to choose from. Earthtime calculates time differences, shows seasonal changes in daylight and darkness, and offers quick facts like telephone codes, local language, and currency. This might be a very convenient gold mine for those of you working in national talk programming. Point your browser at (courtesy of for more information. Having worked for top Canadian connections like CKNW, CJEZ and CFUN, Fred Cunha knows production... and now the Internet. BIG Kahuna Productions,, takes Production Directors on a different course than that of last month's Tom Anthony (a.k.a. Digital Warrior, DIGITAL.HTM). Just when you thought you had seen it all, you can now visit a chat room speaking Portuguese about the latest Bryan Adams disc.

FCC (Full of Communications Charges?)

The Federal Communications Commission is considering regular charges for all Internet usage. This could mean more out of pocket expenses to surf the Net and requires your immediate e-mails. As I write this article (February 13th), the FCC reported receiving over eight million e-mails in one day, forcing a computer overload. Let your 1s and 0s be heard! E your opinion to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit their site at

Radio Writer Update

The new and improved '97 version of copywriting software "Radio Writer" is now available with a couple of new features including co-op reports. The "Radio Writer" is a complete software package designed specifically for copywriters and was previously reviewed in the August '96 issue of RAP Magazine. For more information call 1-888-702-7768 or visit their web-page at

Big Band Man!

I just received the latest "Archives" disc courtesy of OGM Production Music and it is smoking! Big Band Music is a strange thing, usually requested by clients with small cigars and big waistlines or savvy marketing execs who know how important retro is to Generation X. If this is something you need in your library, email Curt at OGM at OGMmusic, or call 1-800-421-4163. They too, are on the Net at

Radio Teaching Aids

Teaching radio creative to your interns can be a difficult chore. It is compounded by the fact that most college texts do not even cover much except the absolute basics. That is where this publication (RAP) comes in! Have you forgotten to pass it along to your intern? Well, at least make a copy! And don't forget to get additional help from the friendly folks at the RAB (Radio Advertising Bureau): 1-800-232-3131 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..