We begin Side A with a fantastic demo from Jeffrey Hedquist, this month's interview subject. The demo begins with about sixty seconds of voice samples from Jeffrey, followed by a commercial montage, and ending with a sampling of some original music from Hedquist Productions.

We had very few commercials submitted this month, and there's a surplus of promos in the RAP tape archives. So promos make up the rest of Side A and most of Side B. We wrap up Side B with a couple of feature productions. Cut 11 is a hilarious piece from Don Elliot and Steve Lehman done when Don was at KIIS in LA. The last cut is an "extended" promo from Ron Maxwell. Ron regularly submits productions that tug at your emotions, and this cut for WSOR's Mother's Day promotion is no exception. (The audio for this month's Producer's VU column slipped through the cracks somewhere along the line. We'll find it and put it on next month's Cassette.)

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Jeffrey Hedquist/Hedquist Productions, Fairfield, Iowa
Cut 2 - "Prayer Session" - Steve Wein(wp), Carl White(v)/WLTF-FM, Cleveland, Ohio
Cut 3 - "108 Days of Winning" - Mike Tuttle(p), Brian Cooney(v)/Advantage Productions (for WPFM), Ft. Myers, Florida
Cut 4 - "Pat Boone Heavy Metal Weekend" - J.J. McKay(v), Jerry Wise(wp)/WKXA-FM, Findlay, Ohio
Cut 5 - "The Big Bribe" - S.Hoffman(w), K.Eubanks(v), M.Goode(p)/KEDG-FM, Las Vegas, Nevada
Cut 6 - "Win Anything, Win $5000" - Craig Rogers/WHO/KLYF, Des Moines, Iowa
Cut 7 - "Eisteddfod '97" - B.Hamilton(wp), J.Carter(v), E.Tattersall(v)/SA-FM, Unley, Australia
Cut 8 - "Sometimes Miracles Hide" - Roger Clark(wpv), KSBJ-FM, Houston, Texas
Cut 9 - "Evita Screening" - Cramer(p)/WZPL-FM, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 10 - "9 to 6 Club/Faulty" - Patrick O'Regan/Corks 96 FM, Cork City, Ireland
Cut 11 - "Star Wars Breaker" - Rob Naughton(wpv)/KSHE-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
Cut 12 - "Newscource 86" - Dennis McAtee/KKOW-AM/FM, Pittsburg, Kansas

Side B

Cut 1 - "Awake at Work" - Pat Garrett/Pat Garrett Creative Services (for CHUM-FM), Silver Spring, Maryland
Cut 2 - "'80s at 8" - Greg Williams/WMC-FM, Memphis, Tennessee
Cut 3 - "Killer Weekend" - Ron Harper(wpv)/WWMG-FM, Charlotte, North Carolina
Cut 4 - "Calendar Girl" - Keith Smith(wp), Charlie Van Dyke(v)/K-Earth, Los Angeles, California
Cut 5 - "Fall Willie Wear" - Pat White/WIL-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
Cut 6 - "The Hit Zone" - Tim Cramer(p), Brian James(v)/WZPL-FM, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 7 - "Bob and Tom" - Johnny George/WNAP-FM, Indianapolis, Indiana
Cut 8 - "Global Concert Tour Teaser" - Andy Frame(wpv), Chris Corley/staff(v)/WJBX-FM, Ft. Myers, Florida
Cut 9 - "Time Tunnel Stager" - Ian Fish/Heart 100.7, Birmingham, England
Cut 10 - "Jimmy Buffet Tickets" - Jeff Berlin(p), Ed McMann(v)/WXKS-FM, Boston, Massachusetts
Cut 11 - "Rappin' Nerd" - Don Elliot/Steve Lehman/KIIS-FM, Los Angeles, California
Cut 12 - "Mother of the Year" - Ron Maxwell(wpv)/WSOR-FM, Ft. Myers, Florida


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