We begin Side A with a fabulous demo from Renaud Timson/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario. You can certainly tell he enjoys his work! Cuts 2 through 8 offer a substantial collection of well done promos. Cut 9 is some masterful mixing/editing from Don Elliot to create one of those impossible duets. We wrap up Side A with a sweeper montage from Advantage Productions.

Side B opens with Producer's VU audio for LAST MONTH's Producer's VU column. Excuse our tardiness with the tape. Be sure to check out last month's issue to refresh your memory, then listen. Cut 2 is the Producer's VU audio for THIS month's column featuring Bill Schultz/WKTU, New York. It's a song followed by a promo. Be sure to read the column first to fully appreciate Bill's work. We fill the middle of Side B with a healthy variety of creative commercials. We pause for some humor at Cut 12, "The Healthy Colon." The inspiration for the cut is credited to Eddie Murphy and National Health Magazine! We wrap up this side also with another smokin' sweeper montage.

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Renaud Timson/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Cut 2 - "Saturday Night Live" - Grant Buckerfield/GWR-FM, Bristol, England
Cut 3 - "Fat Lady" - Steve Wein(wp), Carl White(v)/WLTF-FM, Cleveland, Ohio
Cut 4 - "The Cost of Freedom" - Jonathan Crowe(p), Jamie Calcara(w)/Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Cut 5 - "It's Not Just Radio" - Gerry O'Donnell/TIPP-FM, Clonmel, Ireland
Cut 6 - "Sold Out Newsboys" - Roger Clark(wpv)/KSBJ-FM, Humble, Texas
Cut 7 - "Murder" - Randy McCarten(wpv), Chris Tyler(v)/WRVE-FM, Albany, New York
Cut 8 - "Campus Radio Contest Rules" - G.Bower(wpv)/KUOO/KUQQ, Spirit Lake, Iowa
Cut 9 - "Love Me Tender/Elvis-Linda" - (c)P Don Elliot/KFI/KOST, Los Angeles, California
Cut 10 - Sweeper montage - M.Tuttle(p), Vaughn/Berlin/Armbruster(v)/Advantage Productions, Ft. Myers, Florida

Side B

Cut 1 - "Alpengeist" Producer's VU audio for June '97 - Jym Geraci/WMXB-FM, Richmond, Virginia
Cut 2 - "Gonna Make You Rich Cash Call" Producer's VU audio for July '97 - Bill Schultz/WKTU-FM, New York, NY
Cut 3 - "Pop's Saloon" - Rob Naughton(wpv)/KSHE-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
Cut 4 - "Kendall's Heat Air & Appliance" - Taul(pv), Hurwitz(w), Summers/Hooker(v)/KMAJ/KDVV, Topeka, Kansas
Cut 5 - "Jack May Pontiac Buick" - P.Oakes(p), D.Donaldson(wv), Perkin/Hunks(v)/Lite 101.1, Woodruff
Cut 6 - "Pizza Fixation" - Ryan Patrick/Tim Miles/WODZ-FM, Carbondale, Illinois
Cut 7 - "6 Flags/Christian Youth Weekend" - Roger Clark(wpv), Carmen(v)/KSBJ-FM, Humble, Texas
Cut 8 - "Pyramids Night Club" - Ed Bishop(wpv), Kim Hall(v)/Advantage Productions, Ft. Myers, Florida
Cut 9 - "Air Communications" - Hogan/Lacroix(v), Godfrey(w), Bolton(pv)/CJSD-FM, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
Cut 10 - "Bootlegger #2" - Rick Holmes/CRH Communications, Delta, British Columbia, Canada
Cut 11 - "Metro Nightclub" - Mark Del Villar(p), Andrew Sidwell(wv)/FOX-FM, St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia
Cut 12 - "The Healthy Colon" - B.Locke(wpv), T.Reynolds(v), D.Mitchell(v)/WBLG/WBGN, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Cut 13 - Sweeper Montage - Flash Flood(p), Brian James(v)/WSNX-FM, Grand Rapids, Michigan

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