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PACIFIC RECORDERS & ENGINEERING CORPORATION has announced a name change. The new company name is Pacific Research & Engineering Corporation. President & CEO Jack Williams says, "The new name is more reflective of PR&E's long term status as a research and engineering firm." Mike Dosch, VP/GM adds, "Existing clients already know what we do and most often call us 'Pacific' or 'PR&E'. However, we find that people outside the broadcast industry are confused by the name. In the course of expansion, we've been recruiting technical talent from other industries.... Invariably, new candidates will ask 'so what kind of recorders do you make?'" 619/438-3911.

HHB COMMUNICATIONS announces a major expansion of its distribution organization in the U.S. and has added the new Pioneer D-9601 Hi-sampling DAT Recorder to its line. The unit can operate at 96kHz sampling rate and 88.2kHz and features an on-board sample rate converter allowing 96kHz and 88.2kHz recordings to be down-sampled to 48kHz and 44.1kHz. 207/773-2424, fax 207/773-2422.

TELOS SYSTEMS has an optional AES/EBU Interface for their popular Zephyr ISDN coded. Sample rates of 32kHz, 44.1kHz, and 48kHz are supported. 216/241-7225.

NOW! RECORDING SYSTEMS introduces the Mothers M-2010 Mark II Cassette Duplicator. It can make ten cassette masters at once from a line input, and it can produce nine copies from one master at 2x speed. 212/768-7800.

PANASONIC introduces the SV-3800 DAT Recorder. The new recorder builds on the popular SV-3700 by incorporating new technology which results in enhanced sound quality and functionality. Features include new 20-bit resolution DACs together with the same type of 1-bit, 64 times oversampling A-D converter employed in the SV-3700. The result is a wider dynamic range, lower noise, and greater linearity. Digital I/O includes AES/EBU and IEC 958 consumer formats. For more information, contact Ramsa/Panasonic Pro Audio in California at 714/373-7277.

SYMETRIX INC. is celebrating its 20th Anniversary!

ORBAN promotes Howard Mullinack to Vice President, Sales and Strategic Planning!

MICRO TECHNOLOGY UNLIMITED announces the release of MicroEditor Version 2.5 software. The upgrade features 19 new functions including EQ, Invert Phase, segment grouping with group editing functions, and lots more. It's a $200 upgrade. 919/870-0344.

SENNHEISER is offering a limited edition HD414 Classic headphone as part of their 50th Anniversary celebration. The Classic is virtually identical to the original with yellow ear pads and black headband. The transducers have been updated. 203/434-9190.


RADIO POTATO announces a cooperative marketing venture with Harris Broadcast Division. Radio stations who purchase a VoxPro, DDS system, Orban DSE-7000, or two 360 Systems Instant Replays from Harris will receive a coupon good for a discount on any Radio Potato production library priced over $1,000. Also, RAP members can check out the latest CD demo from the Potato in this issue! 817/481-4453.

PROMUSIC adds AB-CD 042/Mardi Gras to the Abaco Music Library collection. 800/322-7879.

The MUSIC BAKERY adds another CD to their library of over 25 CDs. Every CD is now encoded for use with AirWorks Media's TuneBuilder self-editing music software, and a new Music Search feature aids in selecting. And the Bakery is on line with a website at http://www.musicbakery .com. 800/229-0313.

If vinyl is your cup of tea, the last vinyl copies of the classic Cheap Radio Thrills, The Hollywood Production Library, Jock Shots, and Super Tracks from L.A. Air Force are available from Dan O'Day. E-mail for info at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


BUMPER PRODUCTIONS has a new site on the World Wide Web! Check it out at http:///! The site contains colorful graphics, text, radio trivia, links, snapshots, demos, and more. 615/646/8800.

Award winning Production Director ROB SCHULLER and MORAN COMMUNICATIONS announce a new website for radio Production Directors. Production.Net (actual address is offers scripts, job opportunities, live chats, "real audio" and more. Call Rob at 617/455-8181 or Moran Communications at 716/639-1254.

Focal Press has a couple of new books. Broadcast News Writing, Reporting, and Producing, and Broadcast Sound Technology. Both are second editions. 617/928-2500.

Congrats to Sterling Tarrant who won a Pikes Peak Advertising Federation Addy for a spot he produced. The agency handling the account submitted the spot which won Best Radio Commercial, Straight Read, :60. Way to go, Sterling!

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