New from FOSTEX is the D-80 Hard Disk Recorder/Editor. Designed for production, the 8-track unit offers 144 track minutes of recording time (expandable) on its removable 850MB drive. Features include a dedicated control panel, fixed 44.1kHz sampling, cut and paste editing, eight channel analog I/O, and 2-channel digital I/O. Multiple units can be connected to expand up to 24 tracks. Look for a Test Drive soon! 310/921-1112, fax 310/802-1964.

E-MU SYSTEMS announces the release of Darwin 4002 8-track hard disk recorder/editor. The newest in the Darwin series adds an Iomega Jaz drive which uses removable 1GB disks. The 4002 lists for $3,995. 408/438-1921.

STUDIO AUDIO, makers of the SADiE and Octavia DAWs announces their technical support for the new Studer D-424 and Genex GX-2000 Magneto-Optical recorders. The support in effect means that recordings made on the Studer and Genex systems will be available for editing on SADiE systems immediately without transfers or digitisation. (44) 1353-648888, fax (44) 1353-648867.

ENCO SYSTEMS, INC. has relocated for a second time in the past 2 1/2 years due to growth largely due to their DADPRO Digital Audio Delivery System. Phone and fax remain the same. The new address is 24555 Hallwood Court, Farmington Hills, MI 48335-1667 USA.

FURMAN SOUND's new HA-6A headphone amp provides six stereo headphone outputs with separate level controls. You get 20 watts per stereo output. The unit takes a single rack space and is $419 for an unbalanced version, $453 for the balanced model. 415/927-1225.

SOUNDSCAPE DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY announces Version 1.18 software. Running under Windows 3.1x or Win95, features include and AVI file player which allows real time video AVI files to be played on screen with full synchronization to the audio from the SSHDR1. Also new for the SSHDR1 is the Time Module offering time stretch and compression, the Reverb Plug-In adds reverb with over 100 presets, the SSAC-1 Accelerator card adds several times the audio processing capability and adds an extra 8 channels of I/O, and the SS8IO-1 is an 8-channel A/D I/O rack unit which connects to the SSAC-1 and also provides an ADAT optical interface. The company also is expanding their North American sales and marketing team due to international growth. New to the team are Ken Dewar, VP Marketing, and Anne Griffiths, Operations Manager, USA. 805/658-7375, fax 805/658-6395.

Following up the release of the 1202-VLZ mixer, MACKIE introduces the 1604-VLZ, and upgrade of the CR-1604. You get a 16x4x2 design with upgraded parametric EQ, a lo-cut filter, Mackie's new Very Low Impedance (VLZ) circuitry, input trims that handle a 70dB range, 16 mike preamps, balanced and unbalanced I/O on all channels, and more for under $1,200. 800/898-3211, fax 206/487-4337.

ProTools users will be interested in checking out ProControl from DIGIDESIGN. The system brings ProTools III to dedicated control panels. The main unit features a touch screen with transport controls, edit controls and more. The Fader Pak is an 8-fader unit featuring motorized faders and expandability up to 32 faders. 800/333-2137.


SIGNATURE MUSIC offers Broadcast Beat, and eight CD library or production music consisting of six CDs of broadcast edit lengths of music and two CDs of music effects, stingers and work parts. Over 500 cuts, buy-out at $495. Also from Signature, DJ Tools, a two CD collection of short jingles and shouts designed to liven up your on-air shift ($200). RAP Members get the DJ Tools library free with a purchase of Broadcast Beat through 9/30/96. 800/888-7151.

After a year in the U.K. and "numerous voice mail glitches," Q MUSIC CANADA is back in action with the release this month of the Digital Adrenaline MIDI files. You control the mix as it's available in PC, Mac, or Atari formats. 30 sixty-second beds with a cassette demo guide and information booklet, $19.95. 800/450-6449, 519/273-2595.

THE MUSIC BAKERY adds another CD to their library of more than 25 CDs. 800/229-0313.

ENSONIQ adds new CD-ROM sounds to their library, compatible with the ASR Series, the EPS-16 PLUS, and the TS-12 and TS-10 synths. Titles are SCD-1/Chicago Signature Series featuring sounds from an entire band, SCD-2/DJ Jazzy Jeff Signature Series with scratches, rhythm loops, basses and more, and SCD-3/Steve Gadd Drum Scores. 610/647-3930, fax 610/647-8908.

SMALL FRY PRODUCTIONS has released a 2-CD set of production music. Over 100 different sixty second beds in Rock, Pop, R&B, Blues, and Country Rock styles. Buyout at $100. Contact Ross Martin for a demo at 402/291-3776.


THE ONE ON ONE SPORTS RADIO NETWORK, the nation's largest live sports talk radio network, has launched their Web site at 847/509-1661.

Jason Garrett, formerly with KVRY-FM, Phoenix, is the new Production Director/Midday Personality at '70s KHYT-FM, Tucson. Studio gear includes the Session 8 DAW and 360 Systems DigiCarts. 520/887-1000.

Congratulations to the creative team at CHEZ-FM. Craig Jackman reports five awards received at the recent Ad and Sales Association of Ottawa awards ceremony. The haul included 1st Place for Radio Campaign, 2nd Place for Radio PSA, Radio Campaign, and Radio Commercial, and 3rd Place for Radio Commercial. The biggest ad agency in town only got two awards in the radio categories! 613/562-1061, fax 613/562-1515.

FOCAL PRESS announces the publication of Radio Programming, Tactics and Strategy by Eric G. Norberg, a book for PDs that focuses on how to program a station in today's modern, competitive environment with an orientation toward achieving specific objectives. 617/928-2500, fax 617/928-2620.

Congrats to the crew at KIDSTAR RADIO in Seattle on their awards at the New York Festivals International Competition! The station received a Gold Worldmedal in the Educational category, a Silver Worldmedal in the Best Children/Young Adult Program category, and a Finalist certificate in the Personal Safety category. Well done! 206/382-1250.

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  • The R.A.P. Cassette - May 1992

    Awesome audio from Stephen Smith/KRNT/KRNQ, Des Moines; Dennis Daniel from his radio days at WDRE, Rick Tarrant, John Dodge, Keith Eubanks and more!