FIDELIPAC CORPORATION introduces the Dynamax MX/D digital on-air console. Deliveries are expected to begin late in the third quarter with a list price under $11,000. The MX/D is equipped with up to eight interchangeable input modules, each providing two channels backed by separate XLR connectors. Inputs can be analog or digital in any combination. All signals are converted to the system's internal format. 609/235-3900, fax 609/235-7779.

GROUP ONE LTD. announces exclusive distribution of the Soundelux U95 tube microphone. For $2,900 you get frequency response of 20-20kHz, cardioid, figure eight, and omnidirectional patterns, a one-inch diameter capsule and more. 516/249-1399, fax 519/753-1020.

SONY's new PCM-2600 DAT deck features Sony's "SuperBit Mapping" which increases digital resolution beyond 16-bit. 48, 44.1, and 32kHz sampling, record and playback, are supported. 800/635-SONY.

MACROMEDIA has acquired Deck from OSC and announces new DeckII Version 2.5 software upgrade. Version 2.0 for the SoundEdit 16 is also available. 800/457-1774.

Next time the boss says, "we'll buy you one more pair of headphones," check these out. The AKG K333-IR and K444-IR (at $279 and $329 respectively) headphones are wireless. They use infrared technology and deliver the same specs as high quality "wired" headphones. The K333's rechargeable battery lasts up to four hours. The K444's battery provides up to six hours of operation. 818/227-1800, fax 818/884-2974.

APHEX unveils the 109 Parametric EQ. The unit features Aphex's "Tubessence" tube circuitry and can operate as a mono 4-band EQ or a stereo 2-band unit. In the Bypass mode, signals are still fed through the Tubessence circuitry, so you can take advantage of the unit's "warming" effect without using the EQ section. 818/767-2929, fax 818/767-2641.

OTARI's new UFC-24 Converter converts up to 24 channels of digital audio and offers several output formats including ADAT, TDIF-1, SDIF-2, and AES/EBU (optional), 415-341-5900.

SOUNDTRACS announces their new Virtua Digital Mixer. Priced near $40,000, the 48-channel mixer features parametric EQ and dynamics processing on all channels, AES/EBU, S/PDIF, and ADAT digital I/O, automated mixing with motorized faders, eight sends, and lots more. 516/364-2244, fax 516/364-3888.

Further evidence that the MiniDisc may be here to stay is SONY's new MD4 MiniDisc Multitrack Recorder. The unit divides the 74 stereo minutes available on a disc to offer 37 minutes of 4-track recording. Features include four mike/line analog inputs and four direct outs with 3-band EQ, pan, fader and send for each channel. There's a stereo return, and you can bounce tracks. Release is slated for this quarter at a list price around $1200. Can't wait for an 8-track version! 201/358-4196.

SOUNDCRAFT introduces the Folio SX mixer. You get twelve mono mike/line inputs and four stereo inputs with 3-band EQ on each, three sends, eight direct outs and more. 916/888-0488, fax 916/888-0480.

BASF's new Digital Master 936 8mm tapes are designed for use in Tascam D-88s and Sony PCM-800s. Available lengths are 60 and 113 minutes. 617/271-4197.

dbx introduces the 262 Compressor/Limiter for $200. The stereo rack unit features the company's "OverEasy" compression. 801/568-7660, fax 801/568-7662.

CAKEWALK MUSIC SOFTWARE announces version 4.01 of Cakewalk Pro Audio, the new MIDI sequencing software that now offers digital recording, cut and paste editing and more. The upgrade is free to registered users, $399 otherwise. 617/926-2480, fax 617/924-6657.


MANHATTAN PRODUCTION MUSIC introduces Split/Trax, a new feature in their Apple Trax library that offers the ability to remix recordings. The mixes contain the melody and lead instrument on one track and the rhythm section on another. The first Apple Trax release to offer Split/Trax is AT19 which features Alternative Rock cuts. 212/333-5766, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

THE HOLLYWOOD EDGE announces that they are a distributor of The Jukebox CD A-100 and Vogelweide version 1.3 Disc Management Software. The jukebox houses 100 CDs controlled by the software which allows you to manage your sound effects and/or music library from a Macintosh without the hassles of handling the CDs. The new version of the software comes pre-loaded with track descriptions of the entire Hollywood Edge sound effects library. The Jukebox CD A-100 features both analog and digital I/O (S/PDIF optical or coaxial) and can be expanded to manage up to one thousand CDs. 213/466-6723, fax 213/463-3972.


Flip Michaels exits WAVA-FM to become the new Production Director at Washington's Classical Station, WGMS 103.5. New contact numbers are 301/468-1800, fax 301/468-0491, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Paul M. Bahr exits WWCT-FM, Peoria, IL and is now the new Production Director at WLZR-FM, Milwaukee, WI.

Rich Boerner is out at WTKS-FM/Orlando and is the new Creative Director for KRQR-FM/San Francisco.

America On-Line has a "folder" for radio production types. Sean Caldwell informed us of it. Go to keyword MMC, select Music Professionals, then click on "Radio Board." Scroll down until you see "Production Folder." As much time as it takes to read all the messages ($$$ to AOL), you'd think we could have a folder under "Radio Professionals!" Anyway, there's a fair amount of useful information on line.

Voice-over talent Mike Dodge of Minneapolis, MN adds a Web site at where you can download a demo.

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