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360 SYSTEMS has some new software. OnScreen/II is a program that provides visual information in the Windows environment about DigiCart's drives, directories and cuts. It works with one to three DigiCart/IIs and allows access to all DigiCart/II commands including play and record commands plus copying and editing functions. PC Hot-Keys is a program that links to the DigiCart/II and provides instant access to 50 audio cuts graphically displayed on screen as "button" icons. Up to 30 screens can be user-programmed for a total of 1500 programmed cuts--much like their Instant Replay unit, only it's mouse driven! Also, AES/EBU, AES/SMPTE and IEC-958 Type II digital I/O has been added to the DigiCart/II recorders. (818) 991-0360, fax (818) 991-1360. YAMAHA unveils the follow-up to their ProMix 01 digital mixer. The new 02R consists of 24 analog inputs and 16 digital tape returns for a total of 40 inputs, 8 digital bus outputs, 8 digital direct outputs, and 8 aux sends. Features include digital I/O using 4 card slots for the ADAT, DA-88, RDAT, AES/EBU, and Yamaha recording formats. Analog connection to a multitrack possible with optional analog card. You get automated mixing, on-board digital dynamics and effects processing, motorized faders, and lots more. (714) 522-9011.

MICRO TECHNOLOGY UNLIMITED has released MicroEditor Version 2.4. The upgrade for the disk-based workstation includes sixty changes which add many new functions and improve the user interface. (919) 870-0344, fax (919) 870-7366.

INNOVATIVE QUALITY SOFTWARE announces SAWplus. The new software package extends the power of the original SAW to a maximum of 16 mono or 32 stereo tracks of simultaneous playback on any Windows compatible sound card (supports up to four sound cards for up to 8 channels of I/O). Features include live sample rate conversion, software based EQ, echo effects, noise gate, and dynamics processing. Look for a Test Drive soon! (702) 435-9077, fax (702) 435-9106.

PRESONUS AUDIO ELECTRONICS has launched its second product. The MB-8 Eight Channel Meter Bridge provides full metering for their DCP-8 channel dynamics processor. List price, $399. (504) 344-7887, fax (504) 344-8881. 


FIRSTCOM introduces a new 60-CD library. The Production Edge is slated for delivery of the first 30 CDs in March of 1996. Senior VP/Executive Producer, Ken Nelson says, "The Production Edge is for stations who want the competitive edge in creative production with edgier rock, torquier promos, hotter country and envelope-tearing Edge EFX." Check the ad on page 5, or call for more info, (800) 858-8880. Also from FirstCom, ten new CDs have been added to the Sound Designer II Production & Scoring Library which completes the 60 CD set. Be sure to check out the CD that came with this issue! It's the new No Cash, No Kidding demo from BROADCAST RESULTS GROUP. The CD features samples from all of BRG's production material, available to stations on a no cash, all barter basis. BRG offers two general-use libraries, comedy campaigns, and jingles for clients, four different station ID packages, and the Power Plus and Ultimate Urban production libraries, specifically tailored to the CHR and Urban formats. (800) 280-1994. 


Congrats to JAM CREATIVE PRODUCTIONS on their 20th anniversary. President Jonathan Wolfert celebrated by putting together a commemorative 2 CD documentary which tells the story of how they got started, spotlights some highlights, contains interviews, airchecks, and lots of jingles from the past. If you're in radio, you can get a copy for free! It's quite a production! Write or fax your request on station letterhead to JAM at 5454 Parkdale Drive, Dallas, TX 75227, fax (214) 381-4647. Non-station fans can get a copy for $14. (214) 388-5454.

Dennis Daniel will be a guest speaker and demonstrator at NAB in New Orleans this month! He'll speak on station imaging on the 7th and will cut some spots at the FirstCom booth on the 9th. Call FirstCom at (800) 858-8880, or the NAB at (202) 775-3510 for info!

VOICELINE, a dial-up audition service for voice-over talent, announces expanded coverage. JockLine, (301) 774-6300, will allow air personalities, newscasters, and image voices to place a 2-minute air check on the system for a fee. PDs and others can get a free listing of talent on the system. Contact Mike Weiner at (301) 924-5700, ext. 1.

Congrats to Flip Michaels, the new Director of Operations at WAVA-FM in Washington, DC!

Congrats also to Michael Eaton the new Creative Director at KAIM-AM/FM, Honolulu, HI!

Bill Flowers and Steve Schneider announce Urbanwild Productions, a production company devoted to serving and assisting stations with the writing and production of high-quality radio ads, promotion, and comedy. The company offers digital studios, national voice talent, and 30 years combined experience between the two. (207) 583-9911, fax (207) 583-2328. Good luck, guys!

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