SYMETRIX introduces the 620 20 Bit A/D Converter. The new converter features 20-bit quantization, selectable output word size, dither, and noise shaping. It outputs data in either AES/EBU or S/PDIF formats at sample rates of 48, 44.1, 32, or 22.05kHz. Also new from Symetrix is the 610 Broadcast Audio Delay featuring DSP "time expand/squeeze" with 7.5 second delay and "automatic splicing" leaving no dead air. And, the new 488 Dyna-Squeeze from Symetrix is an 8-channel compressor designed for use with digital recorders. The compressor watches levels for you so you can push the digital recorder's headroom envelope, thus getting maximum bit resolution from the digital recording. (206) 787-3222.

JBL has a new near-field monitor. The 6208 Biamplified Reference Monitor incorporates an 8-inch woofer and 1-inch titanium dome tweeter, each driven separately by a dedicated power amp module with discrete circuitry. $499. (818) 894-8850.

KRK also introduces new near-field monitors. The K-RoK features a 7-inch woofer and 1-inch, silk-dome tweeter. The frequency response is 57Hz to 19kHz and power rating is 100 watts peak into 8 ohms. $499 for a pair. (714) 841-1600.

ORBAN appoints Chris Holt as their new Product Engineering Specialist. In the newly created position, Chris will provide technical support for both customers and for the Sales and Marketing departments at Orban. (510) 351-3500.

MARANTZ offers two new professional CD players. The PMD321 features pitch control and balanced XLR outputs for $499. Lose the XLR outputs and pay only $399. (708) 820-4800.

SONY unveils the PCM-800 Hi 8 Digital Audio Recorder. The DA-88 compatible 8-track, tape-based recorder features, AES/EBU digital I/O, balanced XLR analog I/O, 108 minutes of recording time per tape, and much more. $5,995 list. See ad on page 15 for more info or call (201) 358-4196.

dbx announces the 290 Digital Stereo Reverb. Features include 24-bit processing, true stereo operation, and various I/O configurations. The D/A converter is 18-bit. (801) 568-7660.

SOUNDCRAFT has a new mixer that looks a lot like the popular Mackie 1202. The Spirit Folio Lite mixer has four mono inputs and four stereo inputs. Each channel has 2-band EQ, a couple of sends, trim pots, a solo button, pan pot, and level control. Mono inputs feature XLR and ¼-inch balanced inputs; the stereo inputs are ¼-inch only. The price is a sweet $369. (801) 568-7600.

RSP TECHNOLOGIES introduces The Saturator, a dual-channel device designed to put that analog sound back into your digital recordings! Popular 12AX7 tubes are used to help get that "warm" sound back. $699. (810) 853-3055.

The new ZOOM 1202 effects box features true stereo or dual channel operation, 24-bit processing, and 512 programs featuring reverbs, delays, gates, noise reduction, pitch shifting, flanging, chorusing, EQ and more. $249. (516) 932-3810.

STUDER EDITECH introduces the Dyaxis IIbv, a scaled down version of the Dyaxis II. Features include internal automated mixing with level control, pans, and 5-band EQ. (415) 326-7030.

360 SYSTEMS' new DR550 is a disk-based recorder designed to operate like a sampler. You get a panel of 50 buttons that can be assigned to ten user groups for access to a total of 500 samples. The self contained unit features digital and analog I/O, Dolby AC-2 compression, and internal drive with up to eight hours recording time available. (818) 342-3127.

TASCAM introduces the 488 MkII 8-track Cassette PortaStudio. An upgrade from the original 488, the new model adds XLR mic inputs with phantom power, auto punch-in/out, three autolocate points and more. $1,799. Also, new software for the Tascam DA-88 is now available free to registered owners. Get Version 3.03 by calling (213) 726-0303.


RIVER CITY SOUND PRODUCTIONS announces the release of Volume 5 of their Broadcast Series buy-out production library. The new CD features nine themes in a variety of styles with full length cut and broadcast edits. $59. (800) 755-8729.

PROMUSIC INC. introduces The Soundtrax Music Library. Produced in Australia, the four CDs feature acoustic music for travel, broadcast, industry, and sports. Another ten CDs are to be released annually. Also new is the Music For Sports library from London. This 5 CD library features a variety of sports themes from "high intensity and action to graceful and elegant." (407) 995-0331.

THE MUSIC BAKERY is still cookin'! CD number 20 is fresh out of the oven and contains a variety of music in full length themes and broadcast edits. $48 buy-out. (800) 229-0313.


The NAB CONVENTION is this month in Las Vegas and features some production seminars featuring several RAP members. Ty Ford of T/S/F heads up "Raise Rates and Ratings with Better Radio Copy" on Sunday the 9th. Jeffrey Hedquist presents "The Ultimate Radio Production Tool" on Monday the 10th. And RAP columnist Dennis Daniel is moderator for the "Radio Production Workshop" also on the 10th. The workshop features panelists Holly Buchanan, Dave Foxx, Steve Morrison, John Pellegrini, Rich Van Slyke, and Suzanne Ventra! (202) 429-5350.


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