from Craig Rogers, Production Director, WHO-AM/KLYF-FM, Des Moines, IA

Here's a helpful tip for users of the Orban DSE-7000. Put gels under the buttons of your DSE-7000 to help you quickly identify different buttons. These plastic gels are the type used by theaters and TV stations over their lights. You don't need much, so you can probably get some scraps just for the asking. They come in all colors. (Theaters are likely to have a broader selection of colors. TV usually will stick with the basic colors of red, blue, and yellow.)

The covers of the DSE-7000 buttons pop off for bulb replacement, so you can cut the gel to fit, then slip it inside the cover. You may need crimp-nose pliers to get them off, though.
We put red under all the "Record Ready" buttons, yellow under the "EXE" button, and green and yellow under the "Locator 1" and "Locator 2" buttons respectively. This matches the color of the markers on the screen. I found the color distinction for the locator buttons especially helpful. Before, I kept hitting the "Set 1" button when I intended to hit the "Loc 1" button. As a result, I would reset my marker instead of going to it. (Can't say I don't still do that; I just do it a lot less now.)


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