RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the May 2004 RAP CD. We get started with a great sample of work from this months interview subject, Jim Hausfeld. Track 2 is audio for this months Production 212 column from Dave Foxx. Tracks 3 through 20 are part two of the 2003 RAP Awards "Best of the Rest." We get Small Market Commercials on tracks 3-9, Medium Market Commercials on tracks 10-14, and Large Market Commercials on tracks 15-20. Once again, our hats are off to these semi-finalists who came soooo close to winning an award this year. Good luck next year!

We wrap up this months RAP CD with some fun stuff. Rich Boerner has a couple of things to say about the Howard Stern situation on tracks 21 and 22. Track 23 is a parody song done to cheer on the Ottawa Senators when they took on the Toronto Maple Leafs. And finally, do you ever just want to say the heck with it and go nuts with the bells and whistles? Jon Carter does just that on track 23. As he describes: "A friend of mine and I send audio emails to each other. They tend to get more and more weird each time. At least it saves us from having to type them out." Can you say, "time on your hands"? 

1. Demo from Jim Hausfeld, Clear Channel, Dayton, Ohio
2. Production 212 audio, Dave Foxx, Z100, New York
3. SIU Theatre Dept./Rumors Ryan Patrick, WOOZ-FM, Carterville, Illinois
4. Oasis Salon - Jason Skaggs, Zimmer Radio Group, Joplin, Missouri
5. Caf Mexico/Enchilada - Steve Schippanoski, 100.3 The Q, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
6. Daugherty Auto Sales/Free Puppies Dennis Drees, WSCH/WXCH, Aurora, Indiana
7. Beaver Tire - Jason Skaggs, Zimmer Radio Group, Joplin, Missouri
8. Wings Restaurant/The Matrix Steve Schippanoski, 100.3 The Q, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
9. Gartenberg Jewelry/Jewelry Police Jeff Wine, WIKZ-FM, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
10. Big Button/Mutant Mice Rob Hart, Triple M, Adelaide, Australia
11. First Class Flowers/First Date Liz Zorko, CJAY/CIBK/CKMX, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
12. Andy's Pet Haven/At Andy's Tom Jenkins, Citadel Communications, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
13. Pipe Dreams/Smoking Monkey Dave Green, WJRR-FM, Orlando, Florida
14. Stix Billiards/White Ball Angela Beers, CJAY 92, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
15. Lite House/Trading Salads Richard "Murph" Werry, KIMN, Denver, Colorado
16. Tribe of 2 Sheiks Hummus/Good For You John J. Melley, WBMX, Boston, Massachusetts
17. Owens Corning/The Basement Tapes Steve Cook, WCNN, Atlanta, Georgia
18. The Saving Zone/Money to Burn Rob Frazier, KLSX, Los Angeles, California
19. Adam & Eve/Party in My Pants Rob Frazier, KLSX, Los Angeles, California
20. Crystal Highlands Golf/Flower Bed - Steve McKenzie, WTMX, Chicago, Illinois
21. FCC Howard Song - Rich Boerner, KLSX, Los Angeles, California
22. Stern/Censorship - Rich Boerner, KLSX, Los Angeles, California
23. Hey Ya! Leafs Suck! - Barry Hayes, Team 1200, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
24. Teap Squared - Jon Carter, Megahertz Studios, Greensboro, North Carolina

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