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WILL WORK FOR FOOD: It's amazing what we'll do for that "once in a lifetime" radio gig. Two-day it here, fly there. Back and forth, left to right. It's all a game. And it's soooo very important how you play it.

If you or a fellow colleague are in the process of looking for a job tip, here are a few places to find 'em: National Broadcast Talent: A job bank agency. They sell you. 1 year registration fee of $60. (205) 808-0294. * "On-Air" Job Tip Sheet: A bi-weekly job listing. 1-month subscription is $35. Three months for $57. (800) 231-7940. * Network: Another job bank agency. They sell you for a $60 6-month job search fee. (407) 679-8090. * Instant Access: Phone listing service with a monthly subscription fee of $29. (800) 291-FAST. * Radio World: This monthly publication is targeted primarily to engineers, but there are both "help wanted" and "positions wanted" listings. Free subscription and no charge for "positions wanted" ads. (703) 998-7600. * Radio & Records: This weekly provides listings for job openings as well as positions wanted. (310) 553-4330.

Of course, you can always take advantage of the free listing service provided by Radio And Production! Don't assume that only production people read RAP. There are a lot of PDs and OMs that check out their monthly RAP cover to cover. And if your station is looking for a production pro, there's no better place to drop a free listing. Just fax your listing to Radio And Production at (214) 259-1912!

THE MORALITY OF INFRINGEMENT: Okay. We've talked the legal mumbo -- don't use this song; do ask permission. We've interviewed the big wigs -- cover your back; spread the word. So, who's breaking the rules? From New York down to Virginia Beach, left to Idaho and back here in D.C., I'm hearing the complaints. If the big corporations can follow the rules of copyright infringement, why can't we? The latest: Bruce Springsteen rejects offer from Ford to use Born In The USA. At least they asked.

Hey! If your competition is using copyrighted songs, movie tracks or voices in their commercials, here's your window of opportunity. (Fax this column to the Production Director's attention ASAP!) DEAR VIOLATOR: (SFX: knife stabs) PLEASE! Stop stabbing your peers in the back! If you don't have the appropriate permission for the publisher's work used in your commercials, you could be at a big legal risk! YOU COULD GET SUED!

A special thanks to Von Koffman in Idaho, F. Michael Lee, Long Island, NY, and Tom Anthony in Virginia Beach for remembering that my last name is not Wilson. Don't forget: It's YOUR Cheat Sheet, so share your answers.

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