REDMAN PRODUCTIONS of Orlando, FL announces the release of The Big Whoosh. The single CD library contains a selection of more than 190 sound effects. There are over 50 synthesizer white noise "whoosh" sounds in various lengths and with varying effects applied. You also get cymbals, wind, chimes, zaps, flybys and more, plus a section called "Often Needed" that includes phones, car horns, door bells, etc.. $129 buyout. (407) 648-8666.

GMI MEDIA GROUP of Seattle has released their newest CD production library on two compact discs. The Excellerator is a contemporary rock music production library featuring over 120 cuts in a variety of tempos and styles designed for spots, promos, film and video projects. All cuts are in sixty and thirty second lengths. It's available as a buy-out library. For more info, contact Leslie Erak at (206) 839-9414. •


PACIFIC RECORDERS & ENGINEERING announces the arrival of the ADX Basic. Pay attention! The ADX Basic is a streamlined, desk-top version of PR&E's ADX WorkStation. The ADX Basic is priced for the small market budget but remains fully compatible with and expandable to the fully loaded ADX WorkStation and MixStation system. The system includes a Macintosh Quadra 610 with a 1.2 gigabyte drive for three track-hours recording time, 16-inch monitor, keyboard and mouse, and an 8-channel DSP unit. You also get the same "tape recorder style" control panel found on the ADX WorkStation. For more information contact Richard Maddox at (619) 438-3911.

TECHNICS announces the June '94 availability of their second generation DCC home player/recorder. The RS-DC8 will list for $599 and features high-speed FF/REW, cassette power loading, a new anti-resonance base, an expanded LCD, and Technics' MASH 1-bit DAC. Shipping is slated for April on the Technics SC-CH919D, their first mini-component system to incorporate a DCC player. List - $1,399. (201) 348-7182.

SYMETRIX announces the addition of a 44.1 kHz sample rate oscillator to their 601 Digital Voice Processor. The previous version of the 601 had the ability to adapt to either 48 or 44.1 kHz, but could only originate 48khz. (206) 282-2555.

STUDIO AUDIO DIGITAL EQUIPMENT, INC. announces the release of Version 2.0 software for their SADiE digital disk-based workstation. Contact SADiE for the scoop at (313) 572-0500.


Congrats to RAP writer and member John Pellegrini/WKLQ-FM, Grand Rapids. He and co-worker Scott Sundberg recently won an ADDY for some commercials for Gordy's Markets -- the spots were on the May '93 RAP Cassette! Also, he's gettin' hitched on March 5 to Sarah Reyff! John writes: Although we're not registered with any broadcasting equipment supply companies, a digital workstation or a word processor would be a welcome wedding gift. I'll leave it to the kindness of individual RAP members to decide! HAH!

After 12 years as Production Director for WWTR, Ocean City and three Panama City stations, RAP member Mike Bailey resigns his first PD gig at a fourth Panama City station, WYOO/WLTG. He has confirmed that his destination is a FIFTH Panama City station. The one-market wonder told RAP this is probably his final career move since he's running out of stations in his Gulf front community!

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