Q MUSIC CANADA announces the release of Volume 1 of their AD-Detonator production library. The CD features 30 thirty-second original music beds in a variety of styles. Buy-out for $49.95. For more information contact Stewart Reynolds in Ontario at (613) 548-4680.

AIRCRAFT MUSIC LIBRARIES announces the release of three new CDs: Early Jazz Volume 2, part of their American Music Series library; Ads Up! - Volume 2; and CD#61 "Electric Country" which extends their AirCraft Music Library series. For more information call (800) 343-2514.

PROMUSIC INC. introduces their new Powerpack 5 CDs from Digiffects. Sound effect categories include Machine Sounds, Trains, Impacts, Cartoon, as well as sounds tailored for commercial use. The five CD set sells for $270. Call for more info, (407) 995-0331.


OTARI CORPORATION introduces the new CDC-600-2C CD Auto Changer. Designed for radio broadcast, effects and library storage, or as a background music system, the unit is a two-disc changer capable of storing up to 350 CDs and features interfaces for external control of automated track selection and alternate or simultaneous playback. OTARI is also offering a limited time "factory special." For $999 they'll overhaul your tired MX5050 BII or MKIII reel-to-reel decks. See the ad on page 4 for all the details! (415) 341-9504.

VALLEY AUDIO introduces the Model 433 Dynamite. This is a dual channel compressor/limiter with an expander, ducker, and noise gate. You get balanced and unbalanced ins and outs and more. For info call (800) 800-4345.

AKG ACOUSTICS introduces the WMS900 multi-channel wireless microphone system. It allows up to 12 mic channels to be used simultaneously within one UHF channel -- a first. The new WMS100 series is a more cost effective line of VHF wireless mics. For more info call Joey Wolpert at (510) 351-3500.

APHEX has a new box. The 622 Expander/Gate has a switchable ducker and downward expander with settings for attack, release, hold, trigger threshold and attenuation range. Balanced ins and outs with XLR connectors. $795. Call for more info, (818) 767-2929.

AUDIOARTS ENGINEERING unveiled the SDA-8400. The new distribution amplifier features balanced ins and outs and moldex connectors. Configurations possible are one stereo in/eight stereo out; one mono in/sixteen mono out; two stereo in/four stereo out; two mono in/eight mono out; four mono in/four mono out, and there are even more configurations available! Distortion and noise are way down -- 0.002% and -95dB. $499. For further information call Rick Strage at (315) 452-5000.

FIDELIPAC CORPORATION announces the availability of two new versions of their DCR1000 Series Digital Cartridge Machines. One version incorporates a new 25 megabyte floppy drive which is compatible with the 13MB and 2MB floppy disks in use with earlier models. The new disks can store over ten minutes of stereo audio with a 15kHz bandwidth. Up to 99 cuts per disk can be recorded. The other version of the DCR1000 series incorporates a Magneto Optical drive using 3.5-inch MO disks. The 128MB disks are recordable and erasable and can store over one hour of stereo audio. An optional 230MB drive is expected to be available by the fall with disks offering two hours of storage for stereo audio at 32kHz sampling. For more information call (609) 235-3900.

There's some new rack-mount, hard-disk based, multi-track digital recorders on the loose! VESTAX MUSICAL ELECTRONICS introduces the HDR-6 and HDR-4 systems priced at $2,300 and $1,880 respectively. The units are designed for the musician with extensive MIDI control, but you get the same types of functions you'd expect from a hard-disk system like this: Cut, Past, Delete, Move, Copy, Undo, Punch-ins, etc.. One is a 6-track unit offering up to 10.5 minutes of recording per track using a 340MB drive. The HDR-4, 4-track model has a 270MB drive dishing out 12.5 minutes of recording time per track at 44.1 or 48kHz sampling. There are many options available including the ability to sync an unlimited number of these babies together without a sync track. For more information call (707) 427-1920.


Congrats to Nikki Malone, the new Production Assistant at KSSN/KMVK, Little Rock, AR who's now sharing the fun with Production Director Jim Harvill!

Congrats also to Carol Rowden, recently promoted from National Sales Manager to General Manager of FirstCom Broadcast Services!

RAP Member Ira Lipson needs some assistance! Do you ever have problems with old reel masters sticking and squealing? He has a lot of Ampex 456 archive tapes that are doing plenty of sticking and squealing. If you know how to fix this problem, drop us a note so we can pass it on to Ira and everyone else!