We open side A with a demo from J.R. Nelson, subject of this month's interview! Check out page 13 of this month's issue for the On The Cassette column. It explains cuts 2 and 3 from Daryl Missen/2DAY-FM, and cut 11 from Tom Richards/KRST/KRTK. Cut 6 features a couple of minutes of sweepers from Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati for the station's annual fireworks show!

Side B is filled with more excellent work! Once again, check out the On The Cassette column on page 13 of this month's issue for a detailed explanation of cut 2 on side B from KIOZ-FM/San Diego.

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from J.R. Nelson/J.R. Nelson Productions, Medina, OH
Cut 2 - "Sex in Space #1" - Daryl Missen/2DAY-FM, Crows Nest, Australia
Cut 3 - "Sex in Space #2" - Daryl Missen/2DAY-FM, Crows Nest, Australia
Cut 4 - "Colors of Fall" - Steve Leigh/Mountain Radio Network, Avon, CO
Cut 5 - "All Request ZD Weekend" - George Robinson(wpv), WZGC-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 6 - "Fireworks Sweepers" - Joel Moss(wp), John Wells(v)/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, OH
Cut 7 - "Classic Cuts Weekend" - KJ Anthony(wpvm), B.Jeffries(wv), S.Mulverhill(v)/WYMG, Springfield, IL
Cut 8 - "Night of Joy" - David Wilhotte(w), Rob Dempsey(vp)/JOY-FM, Sarasota, FL
Cut 9 - "AC/DC A-Z Weekend" - Scott James/WCMF-FM, Rochester, NY
Cut 10 - "June-fest" - Jay Styne(wpv), Charlie Kendall(v)/KKLZ-FM, Las Vegas, NV
Cut 11 - "K-Arts Sweepers" - Tom Richards(wpv), Ed Case(v)/KRTS-FM/KRTK-FM, Houston, TX

Side B

Cut 1 - "Arizona Lottery" - Geoffrey Erb(wpv)/KNIX-FM/KCW-AM, Tempe, AZ
Cut 2 - "Saturn Insurance" - Rick Calvert(wpvm)/KIOZ-FM, San Diego, CA
Cut 3 - "Cheers" - Dave Paris(wv), T.McNamara(pv)/KUIC-FM, Vacaville, CA
Cut 4 - "Fairy Tale Fashions" - Sandra Moses(wpv)/KKYR-FM, Texarkana, AR
Cut 5 - "Crimestoppers PSA" - Chris Bailey(v), Randy Roberts(wp)/KTSR/WTAW, Bryan, TX
Cut 6 - "A to Z Rentals" - D.Christie(wv), D.Savage(vp)/WVIC-FM, Lansing, MI
Cut 7 - "Rio Bravo" - George Robinson(wpv)/WZGC-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 8 - "Delicious Fragrance" - Vic Savage(v), Scholar Brad(wpv)/KOKU-FM, Agana, Guam
Cut 9 - "Hardee's" - Paul Bahr/WLBK-AM, DeKalb, IL
Cut 10 - "Bexley's Ice Milk" - Todd Allen McNeill(wvp)/WODJ-FM, Grand Rapids, MI
Cut 11 - "Columbia Women's Aglow" - D.Reed(wp), K.Glenn(v), D.Morrison(v)/WMHK-FM, Columbia, SC
Cut 12 - "Patrick Construction" - L.McFarland(wpv), C.Matthews(wpv), T.Schuh(v)/WHTT-FM, Buffalo, NY
Cut 13 - "Four Seasons" - KJ Anthony(wpv), A.Hawkins/P.Stott(v), WYMG-FM, Springfield, IL
Cut 14 - "Maggie's Dog Grooming" - S.Tarrant(wpv),E.Singer(v),D.Masters(v)/KBIQ-FM, Colorado Springs, CO
Cut 15 - "Econolift" - Dan Leatherman(wv), Tommy Noles(p)/KBMX-FM, Osage Beach, MO
Cut 16 - "Calabogie Highlands" - Timson(w), Jackman/Youngs(pv), Winter(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ont., Canada


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