RAP-CD-logo-2Welcome to the April 2006 RAP CD featuring the 16th Annual RAP Awards "Best of the Rest" Part 1. This month's RAP CD is brought to you in part by Ruptured Spark imaging library. Check out the new Ruptured Spark demo on track 1. Contact info is listed below. Next up is a track from our interview subject, John Dodge, but we don't get the usual commercial or imaging production demo here. Instead, we get a track from John's recent music CD "John Dodge." The song is titled "Dixie Holiday." There's a great story about this CD towards the end of the interview. We get started with the RAP Awards Best of the Rest on tracks 3 through 7 with Feature Productions. Small Market Commercials fill out tracks 8 through 15. Medium Market Commercials are on tracks 16 through 20, and Large Market Commercials wrap it up on tracks 21 through 27. Congratulations to all who made it to the Best of the Rest! You made the competition very tough, and we wish you best of luck next year! Next month we'll present Part 2 of The Best of the Rest with the Promo categories.

1. [ADV] Ruptured Spark Demo, Ruptured Spark Pty Ltd, Australia, www.rupturedspark.com, enquiry[at]rupturedspark.com, +61 411 151 362.
2. Dixie Holiday – John Dodge, www.SillimanDodge.com, Bellevue, Washington, john[at]sillimandodge.com
3. Dare Kids - Rob Vavrek, Standard Radio, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, rvavrek[at]bear.fm
4. Queer Eye for the Simian Guy – Tony Lee, WCCO/CBS Radio, Minneapolis, Minnesota, tlee[at]wccoradio.cbs.com
5. Dingleberry – CJ Goodearl, WJRR-FM, Orlando, Florida, cjgoodearl[at]ccorlando.com
6. Dare Parents – Rob Vavrek, Standard Radio, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, rvavrek[at]bear.fm
7. Nick Narc/Morning Show Bit – Dave Cruickshank, Border Rock 106.1/99.7 The Goat, Lloydminster, Alb. Canada, dave[at]borderrock.com
8. Christian Computer Solutions/Viro! – Amos Root, Leighton Broadcasting, St. Cloud, Minnesota, prod[at]1047kcld.com
9. A to Z of Signs – Dave Christi, Cumulus, Grand Junction, Colorado, me[at]davechristi.com
10. Freeman Urgent Care/King - Steve Stone, Zimmer Radio Group, Joplin, Missouri, sstone[at]zrgmail.com
11. Child Psychology 101 – Derek Shetterly, Clear Channel, Medford, Oregon, derekshetterly[at]clearchannel.com
12. Rhodes/Fresh Tea – Bryan Young, River Radio, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, bryany[at]riverradio.net
13. El-Jay Plumbing/Plumbing Blues – Travis "J.T." McGinnis, Leighton Broadcasting, St. Cloud, Minnesota, prod[at]1047kcld.com
14. Satellites Unlimited/Free, Free, Free – Steve Stone, Zimmer Radio Group, Joplin, Missouri, sstone[at]zrgmail.com
15. Glass Work Ink/The 5 W's – Kimberly Moran, KRQT, Longview, Washington, jlaird[at]bicoastalmedia.com
16. Tequila Nightclub/Calendar – Richard Stroobant, CJAY 92, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, bigdick[at]cjay92.com
17. XTC Adult Supercenter/Pornstar – C.J. Goodearl, Clear Channel, Orlando, Florida, cjgoodearl[at]ccorlando.com
18. Pita Pit Song - Jim Van Dusen, Standard Radio, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, jim.vandusen[at]hotqx.com
19. Alcoa Mitsubishi/S.C.A.M. - Eric Bohlen, Citadel Broadcasting, Knoxville, Tennessee, eric.bohlen[at]citcomm.com
20. Big 4 Motors/Chaperone – Angie Beers, Standard Radio, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, abeers[at]cjay92.com
21. Yax Jewelers/Take Her Breath Away – Dion Clark, WHMI-FM, Detroit, Michigan, dclark[at]whmi.com
22. Steve in the Back Seat – Yaman Coskun, Clear Channel, Washington, DC, yamancoskun[at]clearchannel.com
23. Needle Freaks – Jason Skaggs, Cumulus Media, Atlanta, Georgia, Jason.skaggs[at]cumulus.com
24. Bird Call – J.J. Foxx, Clear Channel, Atlanta, Georgia, tamalaedmonds[at]clearchannel.com
25. Peninsula General Insurance/Class – Rob Frazier, KLSX-FM, Los Angeles, California, rfrazier[at]cbs.com
26. Golden Nugget Jewelers/Mick – Kevin Gunn, WMMR, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, kgunn[at]greaterphila.com
27. Brooks Lake - Steve Cook, Dickey Broadcasting, Atlanta, Georgia, stevecook[at]680thefan.com