Sit back for a great Cassette this month! Side A opens with an excellent collection of work from this month's interview subject, Bob Lawson of WJMK in Chicago. We fill out the rest of Side A with some great promos from a variety of market sizes.

The first nine cuts on Side B are commercials. Cuts 2 and 3 come from John Pellegrini who sets the spots up with this note: ...These spots are a direct result of being good friends with the client. Gordy's Market has been catering parties and station events for KLQ for years. So, when it came time to do some advertising to burn off some cost trade, they just told us to go wild. The only catch phrase Gordy himself wanted mentioned was, "Gordy says you can't beat our meat," and they wanted to concentrate on their great meat department.... You can almost guess what John did with this! Cut 10 is the production Scott Statham writes about in this month's issue -- On The Cassette, Page 16. We wrap up the side with a spoof spot from Rafe Sampson inspired by the recent "gays in the military" commotion.

Finally, Craig Rogers (KLYF/WHO, Des Moines, IA) writes: I'd like to put out a special request to your international subscribers to submit more material for "The Cassette." I LOVE!! the stuff from Down Under, and would love to hear what's being done by European subscribers. We second the request and look forward to getting more international tapes!

Side A

Cut 1 - Production sampler from Bob Lawson/WJMK-FM, Chicago, IL
Cut 2 - "Rock Block Weekend" - Rich Van Slyke(wpv)/WKLS-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 3 - "David Copperfield" - Holly Buchanan/WMXB-FM, Richmond, VA
Cut 4 - "Do Not Adjust Your Radio" - Steve Wilson(wp)/KNIN-FM, Wichita Falls, TX
Cut 5 - "Today on CHEZ" - C.Jackman(p), R.Timson(w), M.Guinta(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Cut 6 - "9-2-5 Club" - Andy Capp/KELO Radio, Sioux Falls, SD
Cut 7 - "C'mon" - Joe Johnson/WMXJ-FM, Miami, FL
Cut 8 - "Looney Tunes Weekend" - Chuck Diamond(wpv)/WKMQ-FM, Rockford, IL
Cut 9 - "Traffic Doctor-Crazy" - L.James(wp), L.Dixon/M.Terry/J.Forbes(v)/KPLX-FM, Dallas, TX
Cut 10 - "Bear T-Shirts" - J.Rose(wpv), K.Holmes/L.Cain(v)/WBYR-FM, Ft. Wayne, IN
Cut 11 - "Mr. Puniverse" - R.Chambers(v), T.Walet(v), L.Flood(p)/KEZO-AM/FM, Omaha, NE
Cut 12 - "Country Addiction" - Richard N. Westfall(wpv)/KAMI-FM, Cozad, NE

Side B

Cut 1 - "Piccol Credit Union" - G.Sinclair(p), C.Long(w), D.Cameron/B.Hannan(v)/GOLD 104, Victoria, Australia
Cut 2 - "Gordy's Market #1" - John Pellegrini(wp), Scott Sundberg(v)/WKLQ-FM, Grand Rapids, MI
Cut 3 - "Gordy's Market #2" - John Pellegrini(wp), Scott Sundberg(v)/WKLQ-FM, Grand Rapids, MI
Cut 4 - "Golf Warehouse" - Rich Van Slyke(wpv), Mike Starr(v)/WKLS-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 5 - "Levy's" - Holly Buchanan/WMXB-FM, Richmond, VA
Cut 6 - "Toucan Cantina" - B.Connor(wpv), C.Contron(v), S.Cope(v)/KLZX-FM/KCNR-AM, Salt Lake City, UT
Cut 7 - "Rosa's" - P.Rallis(w), R.Walker(pv), J.Willis(v)/WZPK-FM, Berlin, NH
Cut 8 - "Johnson-Olson Carpetworld" - J.Dinwiddie(w),K.Morgan(wpv),Diamond/Vlaco(v)/WKMQ, Rockford, IL
Cut 9 - "Futon Furniture" - Vito Gee(wpv)/WLBK-AM/WDEK-FM, DeKalb, IL
Cut 10 - "First Broadcast of WWYC" - Scott Statham/WWYC-FM, Lexington, KY
Cut 11 - "Apocalisp Now" spoof spot - Rafe Sampson/WCFL-FM, Chicago, IL