Greetings fellow "prod" types! After a fat March Cassette with the R.A.P. Awards finalists, we're back to our regular format this month. We begin side A with a spotlight on Scot Combs who was the subject of our interview last month. We delayed his audio presentation because of the awards. You'll love the post-war spoofs from Andy Capp/KELO-AM/FM. Cut 6 is the re-do of "Do The Bartman" (2-track production) from Tim Forrest/WYNU-FM as discussed in this month's "Forum." Cut 7 and 8 come from two hot producers that just happen to be available (see classifieds). The latter cut, by Tom Sawyer, is used as the open to his aircheck/production demo tape.

On side B we begin with three spots for the Outback Party Store from John Pellegrini/WKLQ-FM. These three spots are from a campaign that won an Addy for Best Regional/National Campaign. Way to go, John! Cut 4 is actually two spots taken directly from Brian Battles' "How To Produce Great Radio Commercials" cassette program. Brian brings us this month's feature article. Cut 6 is what happens when you put too many straws on a camel's back. Cut 7 features copy and voice-work from a sales executive under the direction of Craig Rogers/WHO-AM.


Cut 1 - Production samples from Scot Combs/KSTP-AM 1500, St. Paul, MN
Cut 2 - "Baghdad Air Show" spoof from Andy Capp/KELO-AM/FM, Sioux Falls, SD
Cut 3 - "War Watchers Anonymous" spoof from Andy Capp/KELO-AM/FM, Sioux Falls, SD
Cut 4 - "Dick Tracy Giveaway" from Mike Green/KSEG-FM (formerly KROY-FM), Sacramento, CA
Cut 5 - "Mystery Microphone" from Rich Romero/KUBE-FM, Seattle, WA
Cut 6 - "Do the Bartman" from Tim Forrest/WYNU-FM, Jackson, TN
Cut 7 - "Who Doubleshot" from Tom Daniels/WNCX-FM, Cleveland, OH
Cut 8 - "Vanilla Ice Rap" from Tom Sawyer/WEHN-AM/WRHP-FM, Syracuse, NY
Cut 9 - "Paper Airplane Toss" from Pete Jensen/KZZU-FM, Spokane, WA
Cut 10 - "Voice Mail" from Larry Williams/X100, San Francisco, CA


Cuts 1-3 - "Outback Party Store" - three Addy winners from John Pellegrini/WKLQ-FM, Grand Rapids, MI
Cut 4 - Two spots from the "How To Produce Great Radio Commercials" cassette program by Brian Battles
Cut 5 - "Nutri-System" from Mark Andrews/KUDL-FM/WHB-AM, Kansas City, KS
Cut 6 - "Hard Cell" spoof from Craig Jackman & Renaud Timson/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario
Cut 7 - "Night Desires Lingerie" from Craig Rogers/WHO-AM, Des Moines, IA
Cut 8 - "Minyard's" from Jack Waldenmaier/THE MUSIC BAKERY, Dallas, TX
Cut 9 - "Aspen Moving & Storage" from Frank Eriksen/CREATIVE RADIO PRODUCTIONS, Boulder, CO
Cut 10 - "Puppy Corral" from Craig Cornett/FM100, Memphis, TN
Cut 11 - "Randy & Mike's Window Delights" from Michael Day/KFLG-FM, Bullhead City, AZ
Cut 12 - "Conn's Potato Chips" from Dan Popp/COLORS AUDIO/WHLO, Akron, OH

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