Welcome to the 53rd Cassette! We open side A with an exceptional sampler from interviewee David Jay/Q102, Philadelphia. Cut 9 is a promo from and for an independent production house, 30:60 Productions. Cut 10 features some VERY old music from an old Capitol Production Music library. (Yes, the old, messed up film effect is intentional!)

Side B is packed with sixteen fabulous commercials! Cut 2 is written around the fact that the business is near a water tower shaped and painted like a giant ear of corn. Cut 5 is an unusual but effective spot for a church. We also get a good selection of club and restaurant spots to spark some creativity.

Side A

Cut 1 - Production sampler from David Jay/WIOQ-FM, Philadelphia, PA
Cut 2 - "Earth Day" - Holly Buchanan/WMXB-FM, Richmond, VA
Cut 3 - "TSN Sportscall" - Timson(w), Jackman(p), Guinta(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ont., Canada
Cut 4 - "Opera Karaoke" - Tom Richards(wpv)/KRTS/KRTK, Houston, TX
Cut 5 - "Mother's Day" - Sterling Tarrant(wpv)/KBIQ-FM, Colorado Springs, CO
Cut 6 - "Count On" - Dain Craig(wp), Jim Merkel(v)/KISN-AM/FM, Salt Lake City, UT
Cut 7 - "Lion Country Safari" - Terry Slane(wpv), Steve Cody(v)/WIRK-FM, West Palm Beach, FL
Cut 8 - "Young Country/Promise" - Scott Statham/WLAP/WMXL/WWYC, Lexington, KY
Cut 9 - "30:60 Productions" - Scott Bourne(wp), David Ferdinand(wv)/30:60 Productions, Nampa, ID
Cut 10 - "30 Days Winner Promo" - Paul Bahr(wpv)/WDEK/WLBK, De Kalb, IL
Cut 11 - "Coco Loco's 70s Saturday Nite" - Greg Williams(wp), Steve Conley(v)/WMC-A/F, Memphis, TN
Cut 12 - "Answering Machine" - M.Erickson(p), J.Richards(wv), M.Craig(v)/WSNX-FM, Muskegon, MI
Cut 13 - "Smooth Radio" - Richard Westfall(wpv)/KAMI-FM, Cozad, NE
Cut 14 - "St. Panties Day" - Leon Flood(wpv), Z92 Staff(v)/Z92, Omaha, NE
Cut 15 - "Image Promo" - Mick McCabe/WKGR-FM, West Palm Beach, FL

Side B

Cut 1 - "Art of Optics" - Richard Werry(wv), Kaylen Wells(wpv)/KZYR, Avon, CO
Cut 2 - "Auto Trim Design" - S.Ross(wpv), G.Henn(v), S.Starr(v)/KRCH/KMFX, Rochester, MN
Cut 3 - "Tijuana Yacht Club" - Domino(wpv)/KHKS-FM, Dallas, TX
Cut 4 - "Fantastic Sams" - Jim Mosier(w), James L. Jones(p)/K99.1/WHIO, Dayton, OH
Cut 5 - "Windsor Heights Church" - Vlaco(wpv), Diamond/Calomino/Brophy(v), WKMQ/WNTA, Rockford, IL
Cut 6 - "Balloon Boutique" - Dustin Ebaugh(wpv), Chris Doucette(v)/KMAN/KMKF, Manhattan, KS
Cut 7 - "Shirley's Homestead Restaurant" - Brian Hartman(wpv)/KBMX-FM, Osage Beach, MO
Cut 8 - "Best Little Oar House" - Terry Slane(wpv)/WIRK-FM, West Palm Beach, FL
Cut 9 - "Undercover" - Randy Alexander(wpv)/WMXN-FM, Norfolk, VA
Cut 10 - "Archway Chemical Treatment" - Steve Wilson(wpv), Eric Harley(v)/KNIN-FM, Wichita Falls, TX
Cut 11 - "Vertigo" - Greg Williams(wpv)/WMC-AM/FM, Memphis, TN
Cut 12 - "Mason Jar Restaurant" - Bourne(wpv), Ferdinand(wv), Newland(v)/30:60 Productions, Nampa, ID
Cut 13 - "Trailblazers" - Scott Statham/WLAP/WMXL/WWYC, Lexington, KY
Cut 14 - "Johnson & Company" - Sterling Tarrant(wpv), Dave Masters(v)/KBIQ-FM, Colorado Springs, CO
Cut 15 - "Calabogie Highlands Golf" - Timson(w), Jackman/Youngs(pv), Winter(v)/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ont.
Cut 16 - "Sunburst Video" - Pete Jensen/KZZU-FM, Spokane, WA

On the Soundstage

Sentry Box
Joel Poirier, Kaden Hawkins, Will Halliwell


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