MANHATTAN PRODUCTION MUSIC has added two more updates to their music library. MPM 43 Chills & Thrills contains "eerie and hypnotic" themes with some fast paced dramatic themes -- ten themes and fifty cuts. MPM 44 Sunrise is a combination of jazz and classical harmonies with Brazilian rhythms and piano solos throughout -- ten themes and fifty tracks. Manhattan Production Music now also offers over fifty CDs of classical music from sister company, Chesky Records. For more info, contact Ron Goldberg at (212) 333-5766.

ASSOCIATED PRODUCTION MUSIC introduces their latest package for radio. Broadcast 3 Select is a custom package of new releases that allows you to choose the CDs you want from fifty CDs selected from the 1,000 plus CDs in the APM collection. Pick thirty to begin your collection. Updates available monthly. For more information call (213) 461-3211.


DENON introduces the DN-720R professional cassette deck. Features include a real-time tape counter and pitch control ±12%. (201) 575-7810.

dbx has a new mike preamp. The 760X is a dual mike preamp that touts a flat performance from 20-20kHz! (510) 351-3500

SONY's MiniDisc cart machines are here! The PMD-C1P MiniDisc Cart Player and PMD-C1 record unit are designed to look and operate like standard cart machines. You get up to seventy-four minutes of digital audio on each 2.5-inch disk using data compression. The inputs and outputs are balanced. We'll do a Test Drive as soon as we can get our hands on these babies! (201) 358-4196.

Have you always wanted to have a wrist-phone like your favorite cartoon heroes? Now you can! The PANASONIC KX-T9900 is a cordless phone that's worn on the wrist. The base can accommodate four wrist-phones and support intercom functions. It operates in the clean, clear 900 mHz band. How much to be a comic book detective? A cool grand! (201) 348-7182

FOSTEX recently unveiled the D-10 DAT Recorder. Designed for broadcast and post-production, the unit features "instant start," a RAM-based scrub function and a nice price of only $2,295. (310) 921-1112.

Attention DAT users! AMPEX is now offering fifteen minute DAT tapes! Check with your nearest supplier for availability.

PEAVEY introduces the PRM series of near field monitors. The 308Si is a three-way system with an 8-inch woofer, a 5-inch mid-range speaker, and a 1-inch tweeter. The 28i and 26i feature 8 and 6-inch bass speakers respectively, and a 1-inch tweeter. (601) 483-5376.


Congrats to Mark Driscoll on his second year anniversary of going solo with MARK DRISCOLL PRODUCTIONS! He's having fun in his digital studio with the RCS "Prosonix" digital workstation, "Master Control" and more!

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