LettersSomeone should stick a gold star on Mark Margulies' forehead. He has concisely and simply expressed the essence of good copywriting [Tips & Techniques - September 1992 R.A.P.], and the major problem with my occasional bad spots, too.

FOCUS...I tell myself...FOCUS!...as I stare at a computer screen filled with words that don't click, phrases that, in a word, suck! That's when I back away, walk outside and smell the exhaust fumes...then come back somewhat clearer of head and brighter of mind and try again. Then, if the room continues to blur and inspiration continues to elude me, I think, "Gee, maybe I shouldn't have finished that second pitcher of margaritas last night."

Sorry, I started lapsing into a Firesign Theater mindset there.

I will be sending a copy of this article to the sales staff, to remind them what they can do to help me help them. Heck, maybe I'll give each of them their OWN COPIES! I'm sure the station can afford the paper!

Respectfully (more or less),
Bob Kilpatrick, Production Director
WLIF-FM, Baltimore, MD

...I'd like to second the thoughts of my longtime cohort, WHOK Production Director Karl Gruber [Letters to the Editor - November 1992 R.A.P.]. While the super-produced spots, promos, and sweepers on each monthly Cassette are entertaining, and I commend everyone for their production room triumphs, as Continuity Director I understand how important straight-voice/straight-line copy can be to both write and produce on a regular basis. In a revision-oriented field like radio continuity and production, sometimes the small changes required by clients on straight copy can be just as frustrating as changes on big production jobs. My best wishes and support to all the other folks out there who write and produce informative and fresh straight-line copy every day. Keep the faith and Happy New Year!

Jon Hale, Continuity Director
WHOK-FM/WLOH-AM, Lancaster, OH


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