DENON will introduce the DN80R Portable MiniDisc Recorder at NAB next month. The unit features a RAM buffer with the capacity for 40 seconds of stereo audio, balanced mic inputs, an AES digital output, and more. Lots more news from Denon: The new DN740R Professional Double Cassette Deck offers cassette-to-cassette dubbing, pitch control, a "wrist-watch" style remote control, Dolby B and C noise reduction, and more. The DN790R Professional Tape Recorder is a 3-head cassette deck with Dolby S noise reduction which increases the signal-to-noise ratio up to 24dB. Denon is offering a new line of CD-R blank discs. The CDR63 and CDR74 offer 63 and 74 minutes of recording for $13 and $15 respectively. The DN1400F is Denon's new professional 200-CD changer employing two separate transports enabling a CD in one tray to be loaded and cued while a CD in the other tray is playing. Free upgrades for DN990R and DN980F MD Cart players are now available for units purchased before this year. The upgrade cuts track access time in half. For more info on all the new Denon toys, call (201) 882-7460.

RMP, Radio Programming And Management and ENCO SYSTEMS have announced their joint effort to make RPM's music libraries available pre-loaded into the ENCO DAD486x Digital Audio Delivery System. Expect this to be a standard one day. Even now, stations with digital workstations are storing a lot of production music on the hard drive. Call ENCO for more info at (810) 476-5711.

TECHNICS unveils the new SL-MC50 "Mega Changer", a fifty CD consumer disc changer featuring disc access time under ten seconds. Call for info, (201) 348-7182.

HHB COMMUNICATIONS introduces the PDR1000TC Portadat. This is a time-code version of the PDR1000 features a 4-head, 4-motor transport, 48kHz, 44.1kHz, and 32kHz recording, and more. For more information contact Independent Audio in Portland, ME at (207) 773-2424.

BBS AUDIO has introduced the FCS-930, a single channel graphic equalizer designed for feedback elimination and room response contouring in clubs, theaters, etc.. (818) 894-8850.


O BOY PRODUCTIONS! now offering custom station jingle packages in addition to the production music library. These jingles are custom made for your station and are not "re-sings" over existing beds. Jingles include shotguns, IDs, "long songs," and weather/news intros with beds. Call for more information, (800) 789-OBOY.


Check this out! The NAB Convention hits Las Vegas April 9th through the 13th, and guess what? Several RAP writers and former interview subjects will be there in abundance. It's the Radio Production Workshop from noon till 1:45 on Monday the 10th. RAP's own Tales of the Tape columnist, Dennis Daniel, has assembled (with the help of NAB's B.J. Cohen) some of the most talented production people in the industry to speak about their craft! Dennis will be moderating a panel discussion featuring the Production Director talents of Steve Morrison (One on One Productions), Suzanne Ventra (B-103, Bay Shore, L.I.), Dave Foxx (Z100, New York), John Pellegrini (WKLQ, Grand Rapids, MI), Rich Van Slyke (WKLS, Atlanta, GA), and Holly Buchanan (WMXB, Richmond, VA)! It should be a wacky, informative hour and 45 minutes to say the least. See for yourself if Dennis really does look like Al Frankin!

Congrats to Jeff Thomas on his new gig. Jeff exits 2MMM in Sydney, Australia to become the new Production Director at Virgin Radio, London, England. Wow! When this guy goes huntin' for a new gig, he doesn't mind relocating! And what kind of audience is he producing for now at Virgin Radio.... Congrats also to Simon Hicks who takes over the Production Director duties at 2MMM.

More congrats in order for Mike Edwards. Mike was recently promoted to Assistant Program Director at WVSR/WBES, Charleston, WV. Mike will continue as the station's Creative Services/Production Director as well.

Hats off to Nikki Malone, also recently promoted to Image Production Services Director at KMVK/KSSN, Little Rock, AR!

Kathy Morgan has a new toy at KOSP-FM, Springfield, MO. Added to the arsenal: a Kurzweil K2000 Sampler/Sequencer keyboard for their digital studio. Kathy highly recommends the keyboard and reports getting lots of help from the K2000 Owners Group headed up by Glenn Workman of Freq Sound/Workman Computer Services. He can be contacted at (410) 964-3548.

Want to know a little more about loudspeakers and headphones other than how to blow them? Check out John Borwick's Loudspeaker and Headphone Handbook, Second Edition. The new edition covers recent aspects of digital signal processing and adds a new chapter on loudspeaker enclosures. Call FOCAL PRESS for info at (617) 928-2500.


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