AIRCRAFT PRODUCTION LIBRARIES adds three new CDs to their collection, bringing the total to sixty. The new volumes are #58: Post Scores - Elements for Post Production, #59: The Investigators - Tabloid TV News, and #60: Kickin' Flayvas - Contemporary Urban Grooves. Also new is Aircraft's ADS UP! Music For Commercials package of music beds featuring broadcast lengths of :60, :30, :10, and :05. (617) 482-7447.

PROMUSIC INC. introduces the Cosmos Music Library. The collection consists of about one hundred CDs covering drama, ethnic, period, industrial, comedy, classical, and action. Other new CDs from ProMusic include a Christmas Jingles CD for the Funtastik library, and several CDs for the Match, Cavendish, Parry, Abaco, and Powerhouse libraries. (407) 995-0331. •


AKAI introduces the DP88 Digital Signal Patch Bay. The rack mount unit features a programmable digital signal router with eight XLR inputs and outputs and two optical I/Os. There are 128 user memory locations for storing setups. (817) 336-5114.

HENRY ENGINEERING has a new box. The Fast Trac II is a upgraded version of the original Fast Trac which basically replaces your console with a one rack-space, 7-input, 2-channel stereo mixer. New features include a mike input, "auto-ducking," and more. (818) 355-3656.

TASCAM introduces the CD-401MKII CD Player. The unit has the same features as the CD-401 and adds pitch control and a "cue to audio" function. (213) 726-0303.

FOSTEX is shipping the RD-8 8-Track Digital Recorder. The tape based unit is fully compatible with the Alesis ADAT S VHS format with a price tag of $4,799. You get 100 locate points, SMPTE/EBU time code that doesn't occupy a track, and the ability to store operating parameters to tape for later recall. Also from Fostex, the 380S Multitracker cassette multi-track system incorporating a double-speed, 4-track cassette deck with a 12-input mixer. You get Dolby S noise reduction, 3-band EQ, auxiliary sends, pitch control, auto punch-in/out, rehearsal mode, and more. (310) 921-1112.

MICRO TECHNOLOGY is distributing the new Version 2.1 software update for the Windows version of their MicroSound hard-disk system. (919) 870-0344.


HALLAND BROADCAST SERVICES announces a new contemporary country music library to be available in January -- 700 songs on 38 CDs. (818) 355-3656.

KORG is excited to add the SoundLink digital workstation to a couple of radio production rooms. The happy homes are Dennis Daniel's own WDRE-FM in Westbury, New York, and WJR-AM in Detroit, Michigan.

RAP member Larry Whitt, CSD at KRBE-FM in Houston is enjoying their digital transformation with the Sonic Solutions Quatro System. Also added were DAT decks for mastering and an Eventide box.

Larry Bear, Production Director at WNNJ-FM in Newton, NJ reports their digital decision to install the Roland DM-80 in their studio!

There are quite a few digital workstations and multi-track machines out there, and it's very interesting to see which machines are being chosen by you. We get a lot of calls from people who want names and numbers of other producers using certain workstations. It would be very helpful for a lot of people if we could get a little "workstation network" going here. If you're upgrading to digital workstations or recorders, please write or fax a line and let us know what you're getting and when you're getting it. Give us a number to publish if you're willing to accept calls from potential buyers of the same equipment. Send info to P.O. Box 170265, Irving, TX 75017-0265, or fax it to (214) 259-1912.

WPNT-FM, Chicago promotes from within and moves the 9-midnight personality, Todd Manley, to the Production Manager slot, replacing Bob Waveland who moves to WMVP as Production Manager.

KIM-MUNICATIONS of Nashville, TN announces Radio Demo, an "audio showcase for talent professionals." The digital phone system lets you record your demo into the system for free by calling (800) 705-DEMO. To retrieve responses call (900) 225-DEMO at $1.99 per minute. For info call (615) 646-5831.


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