THE MUSIC BAKERY announces the release of their thirteenth CD in their one-time, buy-out library. Each CD contains a variety of styles in full length themes and broadcast edits. (214) 414-0313.

DIMENSION MUSIC AND SOUND EFFECTS announces the release of Overtones, a one CD library consisting of 281 cuts of stingers, logos, effects, etc. designed for broadcast and digitally recorded. For information contact Fran Bell at (800) 634-0091.

FIRSTCOM and musician/producer Ray Russell have entered into a long-term agreement whereby Ray will produce six to eight original CDs per year for the FirstCom Library. The first disk, The Blues Album, was released a few months ago into the Specialty Category and consists of mostly acoustic blues themes. (214) 934-2222.


EVENTIDE announces the release of the DSP4000 Ultra-Harmonizer. At just under $5,000, you get true stereo processing, pitch shifting (plus or minus three octaves), AES/EBU digital and analog inputs and outputs, variable sampling rates from 32kHz to 48kHz, delays up to ten seconds long, an Effects Segue feature, and much more. Store effects on plug-in memory cards or internal RAM. (201) 641-1200.

ALESIS introduces the Monitor One near-field monitors. For $395 you get a 6.5 inch driver and a 1-inch tweeter in a ported cabinet. Frequency response is 55Hz to 25kHz with a power rating of 60 watts. For more info call (213) 467-8000.

LEXICON has a new effects box. The Alex Digital Effects Processor takes up one rack-space, sells for only $399, and provides sixteen presets with three adjustable parameters -- effect level, delay, and decay. The Alex provides reverbs and delays in a simple to use format. (617) 736-0300.

TASCAM announces the upcoming release of the CD-901R CD Recorder. The unit features AES/EBU and S/PDIF digital I/Os plus XLR balanced analog connections. Mark up to 99 tracks and 99 indexes per track, manually or automatically. A RAM buffer provides an Instant Start feature. The price? Just $5,999. (213) 726-0303. •


Congrats to RAP member Craig Jackman, Production Director/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ont. and wife on the birth of their first child, Catherine Margaret Jackman! More kudos also for a nice haul from Ottawa's local ad awards: 1st and 3rd place for Best Commercial of the Year, and 2nd place for Best PSA!

Congrats also to Robert L. Sheldon/Mediamaxx Productions of Bremerton, WA. Seems Robert is a multiple National Finalist in the Silver Microphone Awards in the categories of Public Service, Entertainment, and Miscellaneous!

Buddy Scott, Production Director at WLUM-FM, Milwaukee, exits to do an air-shift and production at San Diego's Q106.

Al Peterson is the new Production Director for CHR WNNK-FM, Harrisburg, PA. Al exits WLAD/WDAQ in Danbury, CT.

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