RADIO TODAY ENTERTAINMENT in conjunction with RICK ALLEN announce Continuous Climax, the successor to Rick's first library, Climax Premier Production Parts. Continuous Climax is unique in that it costs no money. Instead, your station agrees to give Radio Today five minutes of commercial time per week. In exchange, you get a new CD to add to the library every two weeks. The library consists of promo beds and work parts. Every month, you'll get five new beds and over forty work parts. Might be the only way for "not in the budget" stations to get a library in the production room. Call for info, (212) 581-3962.

RIVER CITY SOUND PRODUCTIONS announces the release of Volume 3 in their Broadcast Series of buy-out CDs. The CD contains nine categories of music including Sports, Mellow, Corporate/Industrial, Country, Hi-Tech, Rock, Urban and more. Theme length cuts are followed by broadcast lengths. $59/CD. (800) 755-8729.

Shockwave, the promo production library recently introduced by NETWORK MUSIC is now available on a single CD pricing basis. (800) 854-2075.

THE MUSIC BAKERY announces the release of Volume 12 of their buy-out library. Each CD contains theme length plus broadcast length versions in a variety of styles. $48/CD. Call for info, (800) 229-0313. •


The db-CART from Digital Broadcast Associates enters the arena of digital cart machines with a 21 megabyte "Floptical" disk drive. The special 3½-inch 21 meg diskettes can store over ten minutes of stereo audio using a 4:1 compression scheme. Standard, high-density, 1.44 megabyte floppies will also work with the db-CART. (503) 639-6341.

SENNHEISER has a new headphone. The 440 II features open-air construction, 20Hz-20kHz response, and the attractive price of only $79. (203) 434-9190.

DIGITECH has a new effects box. The TSR-24 features new "S-DISC" technology -- Static/Dynamic Instruction Set Computer. The new technology provides improved processing power and memory via optional expansion cards. You get the usual array of digital effects from this true stereo processor. (801) 268-8400.

dbx introduces the model 760X Dual Microphone Preamplifier. Ideal for direct-to-DAT or sampler recording and field recording as well as an upgrade for existing preamps. Features include 48V phantom power, gain trim, and more. (510) 351-3500.

TECHNICS has two new dual-cassette decks, the RS-TR777 and RS-TR979, both featuring the new "AR1" mechanism which nearly doubles tape rewind and fast-forward speeds while protecting the tape by gradually gearing up and slowing down at the beginning and end of the tape. Other features include "Automatic Tape Calibration" which automatically sets bias, EQ and recording levels. (201) 348-7000.

Prefer the sound of tube mike preamps? D.W. FEARN introduces the VT-1 Vacuum Tube Microphone Preamplifier designed to recreate the warm sound of the classic tube mike preamps of the '60s. $2,000. (215) 793-2526. •