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Just when you thought it was safe to use another vacation's here!

Political Season!




New Years Day!

With everything, every spot, and everyone on their way... now's about the time I clean out the ol' reel cabinet. And this year, I found a great place to rid my old stock of reels.

I send them to ACT! (Alternative Community Training, Inc.), a non-profit organization that relies on donations of new and used materials to help provide skill training, work services, supported living, as well as occupational therapy and speech/language services to persons with mental retardation/developmental disabilities who are traditionally not served.

ACT! has been providing this service (nicknamed "Project Charlie") since 1975. It allows the mentally retarded/developmentally disabled to become self-sufficient in the workplace and community. Plus, instead of piling up unwanted stock in our landfills, we can now take another step forward in the recycling movement. "Don't throw it away... throw it our way!" says Kris St. Claire, founder of Project Charlie.

So, the message of my Cheat Sheet this month is quite simple ("Hey Flip, when is it not?!"): Make a difference. Start by calling a Project Recycling Representative at 1-800-366-8192. It's legit and tax deductible.

What moved me most about this organization was something that was said by a friend of mine who is disabled. He stated, "You're one accident away from becoming me." Thanks for the sober reminder, John.