cheat-sheet-logo2Digital audio. What does it mean to you today? In 1982, it meant the compact disc -- a true successor to the LP record, and the launching of a digital era. Now, ten years later, its meaning is exploited. From recordable CDs to recordable MDs the digital audio formats have left RADIO wondering...should we wait? Should we buy? (Or, I wish we could afford it!) And with 1993 on the way, it's only a matter of time before consumers put the meaning of digital audio to the test.

But wait! Don't judge it yet! I have another new product to introduce. It's called the NT-1.


In Cheat Sheet format:

* It's nicknamed the Scoopman.

* A 3 rotary-head, helical-scanning, digital recorder.

* Sample frequency is 32kHz, with a range of 10-14.5kHz.

* Total harmonic distortion is less than 0.08%.

* NT = Non-Tracking System.

Basically, it's a non-traditional approach based on "high precision servo control." The method employs double scanning combined with high-speed memory to accurately read all of the recorded data. This eliminates the need for fixed control heads and automatic track finding circuits and signals, making the NT-1 considerably simpler and smaller!

On the one hand, Sony's NT-1 gives a new meaning to the word "bootleg!" On the other, it seems ideal for the news departments of our medium. This highly miniaturized digital audio cassette recording system would definitely come in handy when Mr. Soundbite visits your town. Only one problem, handy is retail priced at $995.95!