Side A begins with a wonderful demo from this month’s interviewee, Bumper Morgan. By the way, Bumper sent the demo to us via email as an attached MP3 file as discussed in the interview. This is a great way to transfer audio over the Internet! The rest of Side A is filled with more great promo work!

Side B kicks off with the audio for this month’s Producer’s VU column. This is an incredible piece of production! Crank it up! We have some well done commercials on cuts 2 through 13, and we wrap up Side B with a tasty collection of sweeper/ID work on cuts 14 through 16. 

Side A

1. Demo from Bumper Morgan/Bumper Productions, Nashville, Tennessee, (615) 646-8800
2. Impeachment Update, Don Elliot, KFI/KOST, Los Angeles, California, (213) 427-7236
3. Reebok Weekend, Randy Cox, WERQ-FM, Baltimore, Maryland, (410) 332-8200
4. 9am Workday Kick-off, Jym Geraci, KSTP-FM, Minneapolis, Minnesota, (612) 647-2889
5. Delilah, Frank Bucci, WRSN/WDCG, Raleigh, North Carolina, (919) 878-1500
6. KMOX/Weekends, Lonnie Perkins, Perkins & Co., Louisville, Kentucky, (502) 245-8005
7. Z108 Hawaiian Vacation Getaway, Don Beno, WSHZ-FM, Muskegon, Michigan, (616) 733-2126
8. Planet Halloween Bash, Michael Hunt, WTPT-FM, Greenville, SC, (864) 235-9393
9. Ollie’s Rancid Promo, John Mangino, WNTW/Q102, Wynchester, Virginia, (540) 662-5101
10. Rush IS Spam, Kenny Hobbs, KKRZ/KEWS/KEX, Portland, Oregon, (503) 295-9259
11. GooGoo Dolls, Craig Jackman, CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, (613) 562-1061
12. Pirate Airwaves, Todd Zarnitz, WBHV/WMAJ/WFGL, State College, Pennsylvania, (814) 231-2571
13. Afternoon Drive, Darren Marlar, KCCV/KCKS, Independence, Missouri, (816) 257-0127

Side B

1. Producer’s VU audio, Rock Demo, Paul Turner Productions, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, (610) 640-4040
2. Mountain Mystic, John Mangino, WNTW/Q102, Wynchester, Virginia, (540) 662-5101
3. Custom Radio, Matt Anthony, WXVO-FM, Knoxville, Tennessee, (423) 588-6511
4. Tommy Johns, Mark Kirkby, CKNX-AM/FM, Wingham, Ontario, Canada
5. Rick Armstrong Motors, Chris Parkin, 92 More FM, Christchurch, New Zealand, (643) 377-1999
6. Beepers Plus, Ken Stone, WFMS-FM, Memphis, Tennessee
7. Yucatan Club, Ric Gonzalez, KISS-FM, San Antonio, Texas, (210) 646-0105
8. House of Nightmares, Dean Heid, WMAN/WYHT, Mansfield, Ohio, (419) 529-2211
9. Lemon Detectors, Kat Morgan, KOSP/KKLH, Springfield, Missouri, (417) 886-5677
10. Full Tilt, Larry Cassady, Westar Media Group, Colorado Springs, Colorado, (719) 536-9000
11. Blimpie/Weigel’s Restaurant, Eric Bohlen, Dick Broadcasting, Knoxville, Tennessee, (423) 212-4536
12. Country Farms, Roger Clark, KCMS-FM, Seattle, Washington, (206) 546-7350
13. Century Drug, Greg Sanders, WQFL, Rockford, Illinois, (815) 654-1200
14. Galaxy 105 IDs, Paul Higginbotton, Beard Media, Wakefield, United Kingdom, (113) 253-8814
15. Sweepers for 2FM, Dusty Rhodes, Digital Audio Production, Dublin, Ireland
16. 12 in a Row Stagers, Pat White, WIL/WRTH, St. Louis, Missouri, (314) 781-9600

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