AIRCRAFT PRODUCTION LIBRARIES announces the release of two new CDs to their library. CD #52, In The Public Service, and CD #53, Politics II, are both targeted for use during political seasons. AirCraft also announces THE AMERICAN MUSIC SERIES, a six CD set of "sounds of the American Revolution, the Civil War, and the Last Chance Saloon...great for the current political season as well as time travel." (800) 343-2514.

SOUND IDEAS introduces The Universal Studios Sound Effects Library, over one thousand sounds on five CDs from Universal's feature film sound library. The library is available now. (416) 886-5000.


TECHNICS announces the delivery of their RS-DC10 Digital Compact Cassette deck to selected markets. If things are on schedule, you should be able to find the unit no later than early November in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Atlanta, Washington, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Southern California, and Hartford. Numerous record companies plan to deliver a variety of pre-recorded titles in the same markets at the same time.

While we tout the introduction of the new DCC format, we should also tip our hats to Bob Orban and company for the sale of their 500th Digital 8200-FM Optimod! The proud owners are at WUSR, Scranton, PA.

MARANTZ has a new portable DAT recorder. The PMD700 lists for $2,500 and features balanced line and mike inputs, unbalanced line ins and outs as well as digital ins and outs. A built-in limiter aids in use in the field. (708) 820-4800.


Where's your monthly dose of Dennis Daniel's Tales of the Tape? Don't panic. Dennis returns next month with more love and joy than ever before!

Craig Jackman/CHEZ-FM adds a half dozen Dynamax DCR-1000s to their facility in Ottawa, Ontario. Enjoy!

Things are still hoppin' for our friend Craig Rogers/WHO-AM, Des Moines, IA as he picks up a promotion to Operations Manager of the Palmer Radio Network, a regional sports and news network. He retains his duties as Production Supervisor for WHO/KLYF. Congrats also to WHO morning team, Van & Connie -Marconi winners for Medium Market Personalities of the Year!

R.A.P. member Larry James, Production Coordinator at KPLX in Dallas reports the third Major Market Country Music Station of the Year award from Billboard for the station. Has to be the great promo work, Larry!

Congrats to Ray Sherman who was recently promoted to Program Director at 97X in Davenport. Replacing him as Production Director is Mike Doran, former copywriter and evening jock at 97X.