This month's Cassette kicks off with a marvelous demo from interviewee, Steve Martin of BBC Radio Scotland. Be sure to read the interview! We get a nice selection of promos on the rest of Side A. Cut 7 from Todd Beezley/WKKD deserves some kind of award! Todd writes: Your most recent Cassette inspired me [June 95]. While the production quality and creativity of each individual spot were, as usual, outstanding, I noted with some dismay that we really have only a few timeworn tricks to work with in our collective promo bags. And, after a while, those techniques tend to run together in something of a b-b-b-blur. Hence, the "Anti-zap Promo," a call to a simpler kind of life when everyone worked with 2-track analog (we still do at WKKD). Great job, Todd! We wrap up the side with a tear-jerker for Mom's day from Ron Maxwell/WSOR.

Side B is chock full creative commercials sure to ignite a fire and inspire. Side B wraps with a tune Dennis Daniel felt compelled to produce. The "Talkin' Production Director Blues" wasn't produced for broadcast; it was produced just for you! It could well become the Production Director's Anthem!

ATTENTION! Andy Capp's ...And Make It Real Creative column this month talks about a spoof spot he did. He didn't send the spot in for The Cassette this month, but he promises to send it in for next month. He also came up with a great idea. Let's devote the August Cassette to nothing but spoof spots/promos, etc.! Send 'em in! Then get ready for one heck of a Cassette next month!

Side A

Cut 1 - Demo from Steve Martin, BBC Radio Scotland, Glasgow, Scotland
Cut 2 - "Saturday Morning Programming" - Dave Reed(wp)/WMHK-FM, Columbia, South Carolina
Cut 3 - "Mayday Concert" - Knapp(p), Eubanks(v), Kingston/Milkman(w)/Z-100, New York, New York
Cut 4 - "Wave And Win" - Tarrant(wpv), Hull/Romano/Dice/Singer(v)/KBIQ-FM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Cut 5 - "Harley Winner" - Randy McCarten(wpv), Tom Kief(v)/WIIL-FM, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Cut 6 - "Morning Show" - D.Hopkins(v), D.Craig(w), P.White(p)/WIL-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
Cut 7 - "Anti-Zap Promo" - Todd Beezley(wpv)/WKKD-FM, Aurora, Illinois
Cut 8 - "Saturday Night Fever" - Scott Statham/WLAP/WMXL/WWYC, Lexington, Kentucky
Cut 9 - "Loyal Listeners Party" - Mike O'Brien(pv)/KMXV-FM, Kansas City, Missouri
Cut 10 - "Mother of the Year Winner" - Ron Maxwell(vpw)/WSOR-FM, Ft. Myers, Florida

Side B

Cut 1 - "Sound Experience" - Tom Kief(vp), John Perry(v)/WIIL-FM, Kenosha, Wisconsin
Cut 2 - "Hidy Honda" - Steve Wein(wpv), Paul Ellis(v)/WLQT/WDOL, Dayton, Ohio
Cut 3 - "Doeer Siding & Remodeling" - Paul M. Bahr(wpv)/WWCT-FM, Peoria, Illinois
Cut 4 - "Freakazoid" - Kurt W. Schenk(wpv), Mike Rusinko(v)/WMAX-FM, Rochester, New York
Cut 5 - "Boomerang's Karaoke" - Dave Hunter(wpv)/WQLS-FM, Dothan, Alabama
Cut 6 - "Ozark Outdoors" - K.Morgan(wpv), M.Murphree(w), S.Stevens(v)/KOSP-FM, Springfield, Missouri
Cut 7 - "Bobby's Niteclub" - Pat White(wpv)/WIL-FM, St. Louis, Missouri
Cut 8 - "Blackwell Baldwin Olds" - M.Steele/J.Tucker, KFIN-FM, Jonesboro, Arkansas
Cut 9 - "Digital Radio" - Fred Cunha/Big Kahuna Productions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Cut 10 - "Ferguson's" - Scott Austin(wpv)/KUOO-FM, Spirit Lake, Iowa
Cut 11 - "Froggymeisters" - S.Tarrant(wpv), S.Fenton/J.Behan(v)/KBIQ-FM, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Cut 12 - "Lancaster Women's Aglow" - Dave Reed(wpv), Michele Duncan(v)/WMHK, Columbia, South Carolina
Cut 13 - "Ibex" - Mike O'Brien(pv)/KMXV-FM, Kansas City, Missouri
Cut 14 - "Talkin' Production Dir. Blues" - D.Daniel(w), F.Hanemann(m)/One On One Prod., Ronkonkoma, NY

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