Side A opens with a top-notch sample of work from this month's interviewee, Al Peterson of WLAD/98Q in Danbury, CT. By the way, at the end of the sampler, Al throws in a bit you can steal for your answering machine! We feature more excellent work from down under on cuts 3 and 4 from 2XS-FM. KBFX reunites the "Beetles" on cuts 6 and 7. WFNX night man and Music Director puts "old, fat Elvis" and "young, skinny Elvis" in the ring on cut 11.

Side B opens with a well done sales demo for WYXR-FM's Creative Services department. Our own Flip "Cheat Sheet" Michaels offers up a nice spot for Monarch Graphics on cut 2. And we fill up the rest of side B with more creative commercials from coast to coast and down under and wrap up the side with some AKG DSE-7000 production from Mick McCabe at The Gator in West Palm Beach.

Side A

Cut 1 - Al Peterson production sampler - WLAD/98Q, Danbury, CT
Cut 2 - "Eagle Physical Therapy Hour" - WTAE/WHTX, Pittsburgh, PA, Larry Gerson(pv)
Cut 3 - "Flashback" sweeper montage - 2XS-FM, Palmerston North, New Zealand, S.Houston(p), R.Goodwyn(v)
Cut 4 - "British Rock Wknd" - 2XS-FM, Palmerston N., New Zealand, R.Goodwyn(v), S.Houston(p), V.Hobbs(w)
Cut 5 - "Traffic Doctor" - KPLX/KLIF, Dallas, TX, L.James(wp), L.Dixon/M.Terry/J.Forbes(v)
Cut 6 - "Reuniting the Beetles #1" - KBFX-FM, Anchorage, AK, Camille Conte(p), Steve Cassidy(v)
Cut 7 - "Reuniting the Beetles #2" - KBFX-FM, Anchorage, AK, Camille Conte(p), Steve Cassidy(v)
Cut 8 - "Bahamian Boat Ride" - WAFX-FM, Norfolk, VA, Mark Tammany
Cut 9 - "Flamingo Patrol" - WIHN-FM, Bloomington, IL, Greg Sutter
Cut 10 - "Spring Cleaning Wknd" - WVIC-FM, Lansing, MI, B.Millikin(p), J.Bahama(w), J.Davis(v)
Cut 11 - "Elvis vs. Elvis" - WFNX-FM, Boston, MA, Kurt St. Thomas(wvp)
Cut 12 - "Dirty Friday" - KSJO-FM, San Jose, CA, Steve Moore(wp)

Side B

Cut 1 - "Creative Services Demo" - WYXR-FM, Philadelphia, PA, David Witz
Cut 2 - "Monarch Graffics" - WGSM, Long Island, NY, Flip Michaels(wp), Vance Russell(v)
Cut 3 - "Tyke Town Toys" - CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ont., Timson(wv), Jackman(pv), Cummings/Winter/Phillips(v)
Cut 4 - "Axis/X-Nite" - WFNX-FM, Boston, MA, Troy Smith(wvp)
Cut 5 - "Tony's Frozen Pizza" - WMYU-FM, Knoxville, TN, Tripper Lewis(wpv)
Cut 6 - "Sound Exchange" - WAFX-FM, Norfolk, VA, Greg Williams, Mark Tammany
Cut 7 - "Casey's Glass" - WFHN/WBSM, New Bedford, MA, Neal White(wpv)
Cut 8 - "Hampson Construction" - KKIQ-FM, Livermore, CA, Mark Davis
Cut 9 - "Jackson Square" - WZPK-FM, Berlin, NH, Rob Riley
Cut 10 - "AMF Bowling" - KZFM, Carlton, Victoria, Australia, Andrew Sidwell(w), Peter Harry(p)
Cut 11 - "River Valley Mall" - WLOH-AM/WHOK-FM, Lancaster, OH,
Cut 12 - "Red Zone Night Club" - WKGR-FM, West Palm Beach, FL, Mick McCabe(wpv)


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