TOBY ARNOLD & ASSOCIATES announces their new library Fusion. Fusion will be a series of niche formatted promo beds and effects CDs for Rock, Country, Urban, AC, CHR, and News/Talk stations. The first of these CDs, Rock Attacks, is slated for release this summer and will contain over 150 cuts -- 24 long beds and numerous workparts including guitar riffs, sweepers, drum intros, etc.. The CDs will be sold separately or together as a package with their existing libraries, Attitude and Visions. For more info contact Larry Mangiamelli at (800) 527-5335.

JOE KELLY CREATIVE SERVICES announces the upcoming release of Joe Kelly's Production Tracks. Scheduled for release in September, the four CD library contains over six hundred tracks of "Classic Rock" and "Hard Rock" beds, "attacks, sweepers, and special effects." And, scheduled for a December release, JKCS announces a 99 cut holiday production music library! (414) 632-8610.

PROMUSIC adds Power House to their group of labels. The new library is produced by Michael Redman and offers full length themes as well as :60s and :30s. Fifteen additional CDs have been added to the collection in a variety of styles. Promusic adds new sound effects disks, too. File Effects, a new sound effects library of ten CDs is now available, and six new releases have been added to the Digiffects SFX library bringing the total to forty-one CDs. (305) 776-2070.

Animals, Volumes 51 and 52 are the new releases to NETWORK's Sound Effects library. (800) 854-2075.


The TECHNICS RS-DC10 Digital Compact Cassette deck is slated to appear in stores this October, and sixty and ninety minute DCC blank cassettes are set to be marketed with the Panasonic name. There is a lot of hype and speculation about this new format, and we'll keep you posted on developments and possible applications in radio production.

E-MU SYSTEMS announces the Proteus Master Performance System "Plus" Keyboard featuring eight megabytes of digital samples selected from the Emulator III library. On-board preset capacity has been increased to 500 locations in ROM, RAM and RAM card. (408) 438-1921.

TASCAM has a couple of new consoles. The M1516 16-channel, 4-bus mixer is only $1,849; the M1508 8-channel mixer is just $1,149. Both feature 3-band EQ, four sends, and a special dual-bus system for added flexibility. The 1508 is rack mountable; the larger M1516 is a table top model. (213) 726-0303.


Congrats to long time R.A.P. member Craig Cornett on his new position as Production Director at WPLJ in New York. Craig exits FM100 in Memphis and replaces M.J. Kelli who recently left WPLJ. Craig welcomes all your Scott Shannon stories at (212) 613-8906!

The BEAM, Inc. announces the Triple Team voice-over service. Targeting themselves primarily to television for now, the team of radio and TV pros Jo Interrante, Jim White, and Michael Spears is offering a "3 for 1" deal for TV stations looking for a variety of voice talent. Call for demo. (214) 748-8400.

RIVER CITY SOUND PRODUCTIONS in Memphis will be cranking out their next CD of production music on a new Tascam 3500 series, 24-channel console! (901) 274-7277.

BROWN BAG PRODUCTIONS now has inlay cards for all of their libraries so you can see the library name on both spines and get a quick reference to the contents of the disk. All users will get the cards eventually, but Michael invites you to call for speedy delivery! (303) 756-9949.

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