FIRSTCOM announces five new releases on CD produced for Maximum Impact. This new supplement series includes a collection of commercial and promo beds, special effects, logos, stingers, comedy music, contemporary Christmas tracks and more, bringing the Maximum Impact library to over 1,468 tracks on 26 CD's. (800) 858-8880.

MANHATTAN PRODUCTION MUSIC enters the new year with four new releases. MPM 33, Guitar Moods (acoustic & electric guitar beds), MPM 34, Ethnic Music of the World (European and South American styles), MPM 35, A Morning Ride (pastoral mood music), and MPM 36, Inside The Machine (for sports, industrial, and suspense situations). (800) 277-1954.


HYBRID ARTS introduces the Digital Master direct to disk digital recorder/editor. The complete system, priced at $4,500, includes computer, monitor, and 105-meg hard drive. Features include time compression and six sampling frequencies. (213) 841-0340.

An upgrade is now available for the AKAI A-DAM which increases recording time to over twenty-one minutes. (817) 336-5114.

ENSONIQ CORPORATION has begun shipping a 32-note polyphonic version of the SD-1 Music Production Synth-esizer. The new version gives the user eleven more voices while retaining the same high fidelity of the original SD-1. The previously optional SQX-70 memory expander is now standard and increases sequencer memory to 75,000 notes. Owners of the original SD-1 and the VFX-SD can upgrade to the new SD-1 version for a modest price. (800) 553-5151.

TASCAM adds another unit to the Portastudio line. The 464 is a 4-track cassette recorder/mixer featuring four mono inputs, two stereo inputs, effect sends and returns, and three or two-band EQ on each input. All for $899. (213) 726-0303.

The AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION introduces the D-CART digital audio recording, editing, and playback system. The system can be networked to offer simultaneous access to audio by a large number of users. It is capable of recording, replaying, editing, playlisting, and storing digital audio. Storage capacity is expandable up to 896 track hours by increasing the number of hard drives. Other features include up to 32 channel configurations; 32, 44.1, and 48kHz sampling frequencies; and up to 480 track minutes of recording time. The system is exclusively marketed by BASYS Automation Systems LTD.. The U.S. rep, Harn Soper, can be contacted at (408) 720-1236.


MARICE TOBIAS' next voice-over workshops are slated for January 23rd through the 29th in Dallas. For more information call (213) 939-8679.

Congrats to a couple of recent award winners in the Carolinas: Jim Neubau/WESC-FM, Greenville, SC, nabs the South Carolina Broadcasters Association's Most Outstanding Locally Produced Commercial, Promo or PSA award for his "Country Classics" promo. Jim notes that the promo was cut in a 2-track room with no audio processing of any kind. Check it out on this month's Cassette. Congrats also to Mike Mason/WKML, Fayetteville, NC, for grabbing his first award. Mike took home the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters' Best Promo award! Nice going, guys!