CHEZ-FM staff writer Renaud Timson was asked to write an article for his alumni newslet­ter about inspiration, and do it in 300 words. He did. Here it is:

Inspiration: What Does It Look Like, Where Does It Come From, and Can I Get It at the Price Club?

A 300 word article by Renaud Timson. (That includes the words in the title.)

"Frozen smelt can't bounce."

"You are just saying that to taunt me."


"Phillipe, you are naughty."

" Calvin Klein. For writers who are suffering from AD Nauseum."

What exactly is inspiration? That's a very good question. A very, very good question. In fact, it's a very, very, very good question. (Okay, that's 78 words so far.) If creativity is a nuclear explosion, then inspiration is the catalyst that lets you achieve critical mass. Without it, we would be 100 words...two hundred to go.

"Get rid of those embarrassing inspiration stains."

"WRITE-GUARD...keeps ideas fresh longer."

"Inspiration Date: 16/12/96"

Where does inspiration come from? Socrates himself said, "That's a very good question. In fact, that's a very, very, very good question." It can come in a direct line. i.e.: You are inspired to cross the street and you get hit by the bus. Result: You come up with the idea to sue the bus company. Inspiration can come at you from a tangential trajectory. i.e.: You are folding your laundry. Result: You come up with the idea to sue the bus company. My inspiration for this article can be attributed to 75 words left to go.

If advertising is your meal ticket, inspiration is hunger and creativity is food. You must be a tongue. Open up and say aaah!

Whatever your source of inspiration, use it to reach new heights in advertising, expand the boundaries of creativity, and explore uncharted uses of the superlative adverb. Use inspiration as a drill bit to tap into the well of creativity, the results of which two hundred and ninety-eight, two hundred and ninety-nine... three hundred.


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