We open up side A with excerpts from FM100's Fantasy Concert in McCarthy Park as discussed on this month's Promo Page. Cuts 2 and 3 are samples of creative image promos Larry Williams writes about in this month's feature article, "Let's Get Creative." Cut 4 (like cut 2) is a promo that takes advantage of the "Why Ask Why" television campaign for Bud Dry. Baseball fans will get a kick out of cut 5. Cut 6 keeps our image of the Power Pig intact, and the rest of side A is filled with a nice variety of great promo production.

Side B opens up with the audio portion of the SPX-1000 patch on the Tips & Techniques page, and we fill out the rest of side B with fourteen well written and produced spots. There's plenty on this month's Cassette to spark a few ideas and get the creative juices flowin'!

Side A

Cut 1 - "McCarthy Park" Fantasy Concert from Craig Cornett/FM100, Memphis, TN
Cut 2 - "Why 98 - Image Promo" from Larry Williams/KYKY-FM, St. Louis, MO
Cut 3 - "Skool Dayz - At Work Promo" from Larry Williams/KYKY-FM, St. Louis, MO
Cut 4 - "Pool Party" from David Cummings/KSAQ-FM, San Antonio, TX
Cut 5 - "50 Cent Beer Nite" from Ray Sherman, Mike Doran & Len O'Kelly/97X, Davenport, IA
Cut 6 - "Drive Through Divorce" from Brian James/Power 93, Tampa, FL
Cut 7 - "Classic Cash Giveaway" from Carl Palmer/KZOK-FM, Seattle, WA
Cut 8 - "93 Days of Summer" from Ron Caravan/CJYQ-AM, St. John's, Newfoundland
Cut 9 - "Triple Play Getaways" from Gregg Sinclair, Peter Harry & Andrew Sidwell/KZFM, Carlton, Victoria, Aust.
Cut 10 - "Office Block Party" from Craig Jackman & Renaud Timson/CHEZ-FM, Ottawa, Ontario, Can.
Cut 11 - "Pure Hank" from John Anthony/WAVW-FM, Vero Beach, FL (2-track)
Cut 12 - "1991 Boston Marathon" from Dan Masucci/WBZ-FM, Boston, MA
Cut 13 - "Super Summer Concert Series" from Bob Lawson/WVIC-AM/FM, Lansing, MI

Side B

Cut 1 - "Shortwave Simulation" demo from Al Peterson/WLAD-AM, Danbury, CT
Cut 2 - "7-11" from Jay Harris & Eric Siewert, WQTL-FM, Ottawa, OH
Cut 3 - "Smithville Bed & Breakfast" from Dan Popp/Colors Audio/Akron, OH
Cut 4 - "Marty's Bike Shop" from Chuck Collins/WKDD-FM, Akron, OH
Cut 5 - "The Bubble Room" from Gary Van Allen/WMMO-FM, Orlando, FL
Cut 6 - "Michael J's" from Rob Thomas/Kiss FM, Toledo, OH
Cut 7 - "Doors And More" from Mike O'Brien & Stephen Hicks/KLSI-FM, Kansas City, MO
Cut 8 - "Outlaw Josey Wales" TV spot from Don Lawler/Airborne Radio, Memphis, TN
Cut 9 - "The General Store" from Pete Jensen/KZZU-FM, Spokane, WA
Cut 10 - "Phyllis at the Madison" from Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, CIncinnati, OH
Cut 11 - "Hammel Jewelers" from Mike Johnson/KADR/KCTN, Elkader, IA
Cut 12 - "Beaver's Family Pharmacy" from Greg Scott Fisher/WQKC/WZZB, Seymour, IN
Cut 13 - "Neptunes Tropical Fish" from John Toney & Steve Cassidy/KXKL-FM, Denver, CO
Cut 14 - "Partner's Pizza" from Matt Weingarden/CKWW/CIMX, Windsor, Ontario, Can.
Cut 15 - "222-2000" from Keith Eubanks/Power 99, Atlanta, GA

On the Soundstage

Dog Town Pet Spa
Sue Kelley, Von Coffman, Mark Margulies


January 01, 1998 19465
by Dave Oliwa How do you want to record today? Of course, the answer is: digitally. The next question is not quite as easy to answer. For 2-track recording alone we’ve got DAT, hard disks, floppy disks, MiniDiscs, CD-R (one-use...