Make room for a newcomer to the broadcast production library business. RIVER CITY SOUND PRODUCTIONS announces the first volume of their CD Production Music Library. The affordable buy-out disk features ten categories of music with :60, :30, :15, and :10 versions of each song. RAP subscribers can check out their demo enclosed in this issue. For more info, see the ad on this page.

THE PRODUCTION GARDEN adds two new CD's to their library for a total of twelve. Volumes eleven and twelve are titled Power Tracks II, and Soft Tracks II respectively. (800) 247-5317.

O'CONNOR CREATIVE SERVICES recently introduced the New Country Library at the Country Music Seminar in Nashville. Consisting solely of contemporary country arrange-ments, the seven CD library offers full length themes, sixties, and thirties with rhythm mixouts. The seventh "bonus" CD offers more traditional country and "big" western tracks. (800) 395-9455.

NETWORK MUSIC adds Volume 95 to their music library. Falling into the "Specialty" category, the disk contains twelve "comedy" tracks with mixouts. (800) 854-2075.

A catalogue of "collector's" soundtracks is available for a buck from JEMM'S. Write to P.O. Box 157-AF, Glenview, IL 60025.

Another company, STAR, is offering a similar catalogue for free. Write to STAR, Dept. AF-27, Box 487, New Holland, PA 17557.


APHEX announces the Compellor 320. This newer version of the original offers two stereo modes of operation plus the ability to function as two separate mono processors. Other enhancements are included. (818) 767-2929.

As expected, ENSONIQ wasted no time making their VFX-SD synthesizer obsolete. Introducing the new SD-1 Music Production Synthesizer. You get higher fidelity from the circuitry borrowed from their recent Ensoniq EPS-16 Plus, 3.5 meg of waveform ROM which includes all the VFX waveforms plus some new ones, and twenty-two different effects algorithms. In many ways, the SD-1 is identical to the VFX-SD. In fact, if you have the VFX-SD and don't want to pay the $2,695 for the SD-1, Ensoniq is offering an upgrade for a "reasonable charge." For roughly a thousand less than the SD-1, you can have Ensoniq's latest additions to the SQ series of synthesizers: the SQ-1 PLUS and the SQ-2. SQ-1 owners can also upgrade to the SQ-1 Plus. (215) 647-3930.

SENNHEISER has a new mike designed for broadcast use in the MD-422. (203) 434-9190.

SHURE has also introduced a new mike. The VP64 is designed for hand-held work in the field and enhances vocal response by boosting the mid-range a bit and rolling off some of the lows. (708) 866-2200.

For a few equipment highlights at the NAB Convention last month in Las Vegas, check out the NAB Report on page 18.


Need a ballsy voice with an Australian accent? Consider Ray McGregor from B105-FM in Brisbane, Queensland. We've dropped a sample of Ray on this month's Cassette. For more info on Ray's services, contact B105 PD Brad March at (07) 257-1053.

Kudos to Dennis Daniel on his Clio nomination! Maybe we should get this guy a trophy case for his birthday....

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