After a disastrous Friday night last month when the radio portion of the prestigious Clio Awards ceremonies turned into a chaotic uproar, expectant nominees for part two the following Monday night were greeted by a sign stating that the larger, television portion of the ceremonies had been cancelled.

An article in the New York Post (June 19) quoted "insiders'" reports of financial trouble within the organization and drug related incidents surrounding Clio President Bill Evans including the arrest of three men on May 9 at Evans' townhouse for possession of cocaine residue and drug paraphernalia.

Quoting the article further, "Everything came to a head May 31, staffers say, as the awards date approached and they hadn't heard from Evans in two weeks. 'He wouldn't return our calls and then we wrote him a letter and slipped it under the door at his house. He didn't even respond to that.' Evans' daughter, who worked as the Clio radio coordinator, confronted him when he finally showed up. Staffers say that when Evans spit on his daughter and pushed her, she 'knocked him down with a right hook.' The staff then resigned en masse."

The article closes with the account of a New York Post columnist's attempt to visit the Clio offices, only to be greeted at the door by a man who "threatened him with brass knuckles." Evans' home phone has apparently been disconnected, and Clio spokesman Don Catterson was not returning calls.

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