KENDALL ENERGIES announces Raised On Rock, a CD production library with thirty second beds and work parts. The library features Rick DiFonzo, Guitarist for Roger Waters' Bleeding Hearts Band, and is offered as a buyout for a mere $200. (215) 568-6423.

OMNIMUSIC has just released Zapfile 1, the latest addition to their Professional Broadcast Series production library on CD. Including over one hundred tracks of stingers, zappers, bumpers, etc., the CD is divided into four sections: Musical Logos, Musical Sound Effects, Supersound Effects, and Themes and Patterns. (800) 828-6664.

GRACE MEDIA, INC. introduces Lazer Impact, their latest library for "promo, spot and sweeper production." The library will be available on CD, reel, DAT, or cassette. (Cassette? Hmmm...) Lazer Impact is "designed to compliment" Grace Media's other library, The Toolkit. (800) 937-8250.


AKAI has outdone their S1000 sampler with the S1100. The 16-bit stereo sampler features a DSP chip for adding pitch-shifting, reverb, and chorus. It reads and generates SMPTE time code, and it comes with 2 meg of RAM (expandable to 32 meg) just to mention a few of the features. $6,000. (817) 336-5114.

EPS users will love this: ENSONIQ introduces the EPS-16 Plus Digital Sampling Workstation. This sampling keyboard features on-board digital effects processing, 16-bit sampling, 1 meg of RAM (expandable to 2 megs), a 16-track sequencer with 160,000 note memory, and the ability to re-sample sounds with effects added. It is compatible with existing EPS sounds on disk. The price tag is $2395, and a rack mount version with additional memory and outputs will be available this month for $2495. (800) 553-5151.

PANASONIC has entered the DAT market not only with the Technics SV-DA10 (this month's Test Drive), but they have also introduced Panasonic DAT tapes and head cleaner. The tapes are available in the standard 46, 60, 90, and 120 minute lengths. (201) 348-7182.

FIDELIPAC announces that shipments have begun on the new Dynamax CTR90 Series cart machines. Features of the unit include Dynamic Noise Reduction and Dolby HX Pro Headroom Extension. (609) 235-3900.

HARRIS/ALLIED would love to sell you Audisk. What is it? It's a computer/hard drive based system that "directly replaces carts, cart decks, production cart recorders, commercial playback equipment, dedicated recorders, audio switcher, logger, and controller with one self-contained integrated unit." The massive audio storage/retrieval system comes with 180 minutes of hard disk storage time expandable to 160 hours. Sampling rates are 44.1, 32, 22.05, and 16kHz. With the system, you dub to hard disk instead of cart. The control room plays spots, music, jingles, etc. by accessing the system from a terminal. It serves the production room as a great way to store production libraries, sound effects, and finished pieces of work. (800) 622-0022.

TASCAM announces the BR-20T, a ¼-inch 2-track recorder which features a center track for time code. (213) 726-0303.

DIGITAL PROCESS has an inexpensive headphone amp with four outputs. The DPH-4 lists for $170 and has a frequency response of 15Hz to 25kHz. (714) 499-5164.

SENNHEISER headphone lovers can rest easy now that a successor to the popular but discontinued HD-480 has arrived. The HD-490 is Sennheiser's highest performance, low impedance consumer headphone. (203) 434-9190.


Joe Kelly has announced the formation of KELLY/SILVER, INC., a multi-dimensional media company. Among the new divisions which will begin operations one by one over the next few months are, Joe Kelly Creative Services, Joe's voice-over/production company; Joe Kelly, Inc., a marketing consulting firm; JK-TV, a television production company; Kelly/Silver Digital Recording, a new studio in Grayslake, IL; MarkeTrends, a research group; New Thinking, a monthly marketing newsletter for broadcasters; and Racine Investment Group, a partnership, headed by Kelly, which will begin shopping for radio and TV properties next year. Edward Silver, president of Silver Steel, is chairman. Kelly is president and CEO. Jan Silver is the vice-president, secretary/treasurer and CFO. This should keep Joe busy for a while! (708) 295-8610.

LASZLO & GARY have another parody for you. It's "I'm a Hypochondriac!" and sounds an awful lot like Janet Jackson's "Black Cat." Want a copy? Call (818) 888-0652.

Robin Luse adds the Studer Dyaxis system to his studio at Q105 in Tampa. It's time to go digital....

Rob Walker exits WILI-FM in Willimantic, CT for a production gig at WQGN-FM/Q105 in Groton, CT.

Scot Combs leaves the morning shift at KSTP-AM in Minneapolis/St. Paul to become the station's Creative Services Director.

Eric Chase is out at Power 104 in Houston. Larry Whitt steps into the position of Creative Services Director, and Scotty Mac moves into the Commercial Production Manager's slot.

Brenda Gloria replaces David Cummings as Production Director for KISS-AM/FM in San Antonio.

BERKLEY PRODUCTIONS, INC. is offering a voice-over course on cassette. "How To Make Big Money In Voiceovers" is a six cassette course recently updated to include an interview with a New York casting director and talent agent. The package comes with a 70 page workbook. Contact Susan Berkley for info. (212) 420-9747.

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