We queried our database and discovered something we feared to be true anyway: The MAJORITY of you have been voting "NO" for a Cassette each month. Two-thirds of you have NEVER sent a tape in. A much larger number of you have been voting "NO" for the past six months or so. We get so much positive feedback about The Cassette that it is difficult to believe the majority of you don't want it, but we have to consider the figures. Are we paying a pretty penny to provide something the majority of you don't want? (Remember that we don't charge you for The Cassette; it is free with your subscription. The subscription fee was $75 BEFORE The Cassette existed, and it still is. We swallow the expense of The Cassette, and you simply give us something to put on it.) We'd like to ask our regular supporters how they feel about supplying the spots and promos while the majority of you enjoy The Cassette without supporting it. Is this fair? Do you mind not hearing from the many people we list as "New Subscribers" each month? We'd really like some feedback before we consider any changes. We'd also like to hear from you non-supporters. Why don't you support The Cassette, even with just one spot every three months or so? It doesn't take a tape from everyone every month to fill a blank cassette. If half of you sent a tape once every three months, we'd have plenty to work with. Does anybody have a suggestion? How about some input? Tell us where we stand with The Cassette. Enough said? Good. Now, on with the show...

The promo side kicks off with some hot stuff from Brian James, this month's interviewee and Creative Services Director at the Power Pig. Cut 4, from Ron Shapiro, features original music done by KIIS-FM Continuity Director, Chris Peaslee. (Chris freelances his music. Call him at 213-466-xxxx.) On the "B" side, look for the two spots mentioned by Dennis Daniel in this month's Tales of the Tape column. We wrap up side "B" (almost expectedly these days) with comic relief from Joel Moss. (Does Joel do any boring production?) Cut 14 from Mr. Moss is an excerpt from WEBN's annual Fools Day Parade. The bit uses Bart Simpson quotes sent out on reel to stations across the country by Fox TV.
Side A: Promos

Cut 1 - "Pig Production" from Brian James/WFLZ-FM, Tampa, FL
Cut 2 - "3-in-a-Row Concerts" from Rick Allen/Hot 97-FM, New York, NY
Cut 3 - "Super Bowl Weekend" also from Rick Allen
Cut 4 - "KIIS This" from Ron Shapiro/KIIS-FM, Los Angeles, CA
Cut 5 - "Bustin' Out Saturday Night" also from Ron Shapiro
Cut 6 - "Spring Break '90" from Eric Chase/Power 104, Houston, TX
Cut 7 - "$1000 Money Song" from David Christian/WENS-FM, Indianapolis, IN
Cut 8 - "$5000" from Jim Parker & Chris Shebel/WDJX-FM, Louisville, KY
Cut 9 - "Baby" from Mark Windsor & Eileen Kimble/WFOX-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 10 - "Mr. Rogers" from Lori McTighe & Jami Elizondo/WRAL-FM, Raleigh, NC
Cut 11 - "KDF 1/2 Price Fair" from Glenn Miller/WKDF-FM, Nashville, TN
Cut 12 - "Scan The Dial" from Mark Van Gelder/Live 105, San Francisco, CA
Cut 13 - "All Compact Disk" from Craig Alan/KDEZ-FM, Jonesboro, AR

Side B: Commercials

Cut 1 - "Re-Nu Shoe Repair" from Dan Popp/WHLO-FM, Akron, OH
Cut 2 - "Communications Products" from David Christian/WENS-FM, Indianapolis, IN
Cut 3 - "Dr. Ross" from Dennis Daniel/WBAB-FM, Babylon, NY
Cut 4 - "Car Tunes" also from Dennis Daniel
Cut 5 - "Bayou Mama" from Larry Whitt/Power 104, Houston, TX
Cut 6 - "Pollo Salsa" from Mark Davis & Shawn DeAngelo/KKIQ-FM, Livermore, CA
Cut 7 - "Custom Auto" from Jim Parker, Peter B., & Joe Caruso/WDJX-FM, Louisville, KY
Cut 8 - "Hutton Chevrolet" from Eileen Kimble/WFOX-FM, Atlanta, GA
Cut 9 - "Yashika" from Kevin Casey/KGMG-FM, San Diego, CA
Cut 10 - "Carnation" from Tom Hanson/WKQX-FM, Chicago, IL
Cut 11 - "Deer Hunter" from Chuck Collins/WKDD-FM, Akron, OH
Cut 12 - "Youngbloods" from Ron Carter/KZZP-FM, Phoenix, AZ
Cut 13 - "Empty-Vee" from Joel Moss/WEBN-FM, Cincinnati, OH
Cut 14 - "Fools Day Parade excerpt" also from Joel Moss

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