Music/SFX Libraries

• CAPITOL PRODUCTION MUSIC announces the release of World Evolution, the 48th CD in their Professional Series library. This CD of guitar-based rock and dance music includes a set of "stingers" in addition to the 60, 30, and 10 second mixouts. Also, look for a 5 CD collection of broadcast length cuts selected from the Professional Series to be released soon. (213) 461-2701. • We managed to get some last minute scoop on Rick Allen's library mentioned by Brian James in this month's interview. Rick reports he's putting the finishing touches on a library of stings and zaps that will be available on CD soon. Should be interesting to see what Rick, together with NED's Tapeless Studio, can do. For a demo contact Rick in New York at (212) 714-5513. •

Equipment News

• TASCAM introduced a few new goodies at the NAB convention in Atlanta. The DA-30 DAT recorder is AES/EBU compatible and comes with good specs, remote control, and balanced and unbalanced ins and outs. The price is nice at $1,899. It's scheduled for release this month. Also from Tascam, the M-3500 series consoles. The M-3500 ST/24 combines 24 mono and 8 stereo channels and lists for $9,499. Scheduled for deliveries in July are two new 2-track recorders from Tascam, the BR-20 and the BR-20T. These affordable 1/4 inch machines come loaded with "broadcast" features and the BR-20T adds a center track for time code. List prices are $2,300 and $2,999 respectively. (213) 726-0303.

• PANASONIC unveiled two new DAT recorders in Atlanta, the SV-3700 and the SV-3900 Pro DAT's. The SV-3700 features a front panel shuttle wheel, wireless remote, and push-button fade-in and fade-out functions for automatic level-change ramps at the start and end of a recording. Nice touch. The SV-3900 places the shuttle wheel on a full function remote control, the SH-MK360. The fade-in and fade-out function is not available on this unit. Both units are AES/EBU compatible and come with balanced ins and outs. (213) 471-6170, ext. 26.

• Computer users might be interested in ARTICULATE SYSTEMS new Voice Navigator. This little device lets you enter commands for a MacIntosh via the spoken word. If you want the word "rutabaga" to start a program for you, just "teach" the machine to react to your voice then speak into the microphone. The cost of laziness is $1,295. (617) 876-5236.

• ELTEKON TECHNO- LOGIES adds another hard-disk recording system to the market with the Microsound. It uses an IBM AT (not included) and can be set up for 2 or 4 tracks. The system features real time digital signal processing. (818) 792-4377.

• GEFEN SYSTEMS introduced the SoundTouch Music System at the NAB convention. The system connects Sony CDK-006 Auto Disc Loaders to a single computer controller. The system uses a touch-screen application program that lets you select tracks by touching the screen instead of a computer keyboard. The system offers additional capabilities to trigger DAT or cart machines and print a log of all played CD tracks. (818) 884-6294. •


• Direct Results Radio Advertising has been unveiled by JIM LONG COMPANIES, INC.. The new division, under President Roger Dodson, will provide services designed to increase revenues through research based creative advertising ideas. Says Dodson, "Our mission is to increase the radio station's revenue by providing creative that sells." (800) 858-8880.

• JOE KELLY announces the signing of Marshall/Hale Productions to an exclusive multi-year television spot production pact. Marshall/Hale is widely recognized for their film production and special effects. Add last fall's 1.7 million dollar studio upgrade and several new writers and actors, and you can look for SuperSpots to make some "super spots" in the 90's. (312) 645-9433.

• Tom Hanson, formerly with WFYR, has taken the Production Assistant's position at WKQX-FM in Chicago. However, the position is part-time and Tom tells us he's looking for full-time work. Tom can be reached at 312-282-2386.

• Scott Ward is promoted at KEAN-AM/FM in Abilene, TX and joins the ranks of official Production Directors! Congrats Scott! • Do you have any news of interest to our readers? Drop us a line and give us the scoop! •