LettersIf it wouldn't be too redundant to fill an entire page with "thanks," I would! This last RAP Sheet (June '90) was the most exciting I've ever read.

Having known Mitch Craig since Media General, it was a joy to read his interview again and again. I've personally used his drops at WZBQ, Tuscaloosa, and they are hot.

The funniest thing happened, though, in regards to your "Cheap Trick" and CD beds (Tips & Techniques - June '90). Not three days before my RAP Sheet came, I was cookin' up a Sounds Great Stereo spot at WAPI when my bed fell short. Playing around, I held PAUSE in the SEARCH mode on the CD, punched in the repetitive drone till the end, then let go for the stinger right on the :60 mark. I was pretty proud of myself till I saw the same thing in your column. I'll dispense with the "great minds think alike" comment and say keep on RAP-in'. I hope anyone else who accidentally hits a gem like that sends in the details.

Greg Williams/Commercial Production Director
Front Row Productions, Birmingham, AL


It's pretty neat that we'd be playing around with the same trick at the same time, but you used the technique a little differently. I didn't even think of using it to extend the length of a bed. Thanks for that icing on the tip!

Now, I know we promised to put the "Ferber Article" to rest last month, but could we possibly resist publishing a letter from the Assistant Production Director at the very station Doug is a salesman for? No, I'm afraid not.

Thanks for your publication. It's always nice to take a pulse of different production people across the states.

You stated in your last issue your desire to put the "Ferber Chronicles" to rest. As Assistant Production Director for KSCS/WBAP, I work with Mr. Ferber on a regular basis, and just wanted to add a few copy points on the "Ferber-ite" (Imagine having a name invented just for you, Doug). For the most part, he:

1. Gets his copy in on time.

2. Follows up with his clients and accounts.

3. Doesn't make promises that he can't (or won't) keep.

4. ASKS for, not demands the things he needs from production.

5. Wears socks that match.

What more could a production person ask from an A.E.?

Carolyn Carr/Asst. Prod. Dir.

Now, unless we get a juicy, personal letter from Doug's girl-friend, we really, really will put the "Ferber Chronicles" on the shelf. ♦

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