The hole for "urban" flavored production music is quickly getting filled. CAPITOL PRODUCTION MUSIC announces the release of Cityscore. The CD is the 45th in Capitol's The Professional series. (800) 421-4163.

NETWORK PRODUCTION MUSIC now offers the ShowMusic Library, designed especially for the audiovisual producer. It features fully orchestrated vocal themes, instrumentals, fanfares, underscores, finales, and more for use in meetings, presentations, and multi-media productions. (800) 854-2075.

ASSOCIATED PRODUCTION MUSIC announces the release of 10 new CD's of commercial length production music. CD titles include Classical Fusion, Dancing On The Roof, Don't Talk - Dance 2, Street Life (more urban stuff), and more. (800) 543-4276.

EPS users might be interested in ENSONIQ's new SLT-8 drum sound library. The ten disk set of sampled percussion by top drummers includes a "Bonus Beats Sequence Disk" with ready-to-use sequences. Also, VFX users can get your FREE Version 2.0 upgrade, and VFX-SD users now have Version 1.3 of the Operating System available. (215) 647-3930.

DE WOLFE MUSIC releases a 7 CD sound effects library. Titles include Communication, Electronic, Water, Comedy One & Two, American, and Domestic One. Buy individually or all for $345. (800) 221-6713.

PROMUSIC, INC. adds 9 new CD's to their collection of music. Titles include Hot Spots & Jingles Vol. 2, Industrial Activity, Impact, Corporate World Vol. 2, and more. (800) 322-7879.


E-MU SYSTEMS announces the release of the Emax II, their new 16-bit stereo sampler. The sampler is available in both a rack-mount and keyboard version and comes with 1 meg of memory, expandable to eight. An internal 40-meg hard disk is an option. (408) 438-1921.

AKAI introduces the S1000KB. This is the keyboard version of the rack-mount b 16-bit sampler which we have slated for a Test Drive next month. Also from AKAI, the DD1000 stereo digital recorder. This baby doesn't write to tape like RDAT, but to a 650 meg optical disk than can be re-written to. (817) 336-5114.

TURTLE BEACH SOFTWORKS has something for IBM computer users -- The 56K Digital Audio Processor. A set of hardware and the SoundStage software program convert your AT or 386 computer into a digital recorder/editor. Analog and digital inputs are supported. (717) 757-2348.


R.A.P. welcomes new subscriber Frank Eriksen of Boulder, CO. Frank has a nice little business called CREATIVE RADIO PRODUCTIONS which is basically a "radio only" advertising agency. Look for a future article or maybe an interview with Frank about this lucrative and superb idea for the production person looking to make the break from radio. Those 15% agency commissions aren't small!

SP Productions Nabs First BASE: No, the producers of the popular Techsonics production libraries haven't started a softball team, but they did acquire exclusive rights to use the new BASE system for radio production libraries. What is the BASE system? The Bedini Audio Spacial Environment system is the latest in the way of audio processing. The processor itself is being marketed as the First BASE. This small, harmless looking piece of equipment takes a stereo signal and separates the left and right channel elements from the mono information in the signal. Using a phase-shifting technique, the separation of the left and right channels can then be altered to make them sound even further apart than they were before. This is done with the STEREO SPACE knob on the front panel, one of only 5 knobs on the unit. The mono information of the input signal, now at your command, can be panned anywhere from left to right in the stereo spectrum with the MONO BALANCE knob, and you can even control the level of the mono signal with the MONO GAIN knob. All processing is done in the analog domain. SP Production's new Techsonics 2 library features the BASE processing, and we are told that the previous Techsonics library is soon to be re-released in this format as Turbo Techsonics with the addition a third disk of new previously un-released cuts. Still another library in the works at SP Productions is "Sledgehammer." This library is being done in collaboration with Pirate Radio in LA. The release date for Sledgehammer hasn't been announced yet, but Turbo Techsonics is expected to be available sometime in February.