British based CHEETAH announces the release of their new 16-bit stereo sampler, the SX16. This affordable sampler ($1,399) comes with 512 KB of RAM, expandable to 2 meg. It features 8-voice polyphony and has 8 outputs. (301) 949-9314.

There's an interesting equalizer on the market. The Tailor Dynamic Equalizer from HIT DESIGN is a 10-band, VCA controlled, series equalizer with limiting controls for each band. The result is a simulation of the effects of a multi-band compressor without actually compressing. (817) 275-1380.


New subscriber Rick Tarrant of COMMUNION COMMUNICATIONS has a nice promo/sweeper package targeted to the Christian radio market. The package is called "The Enhancers." Call for demo (a very well-produced one, by the way), (901) 683-1920.

Larry Williams exits KWSS in San Jose to fill the Production Director's slot at X-100 in San Francisco. Handling commercials at X-100 is Tom McDonald, coming from KIIQ-FM in Reno, Nev.

Brian Wilson, former Production Director at Pirate Radio in LA reclaims his old gig as Morning Show Producer at Y-95 in Dallas.

Ken Martin vacates the WAVA production room in Washington to take the Production Director's position at KLSX-FM in Los Angeles.

JOE KELLY CREATIVE SERVICES signs its 100th station! Later this year, their SuperSpots division will celebrate its 6th year in the biz by delivering its 750th television campaign! Congrats to Joe & crew!

Congrats also to Bumper Morgan who recently added KIIS-FM in LA and The Power Pig in Tampa to his client list!

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