L.A. AIR FORCE announces the release of the new CD version of the classic "Cheap Thrills" library. The 3 CD edition contains some new tracks along with stereo mixes of some of the mono cuts from Volume One. (303) 247-5082.

SOUTH STREET MUSIC makes its debut in the production music arena with Urban Image, a library designed for CHR & urban formats. On CD, the library features 50 basic tracks with mixouts plus over 150 work parts. The release date is September 25th. See them at Radio '89 in New Orleans. (617) 338-1376.

NETWORK MUSIC trumpets their new Jingles Library, over 30 CD's of commercial jingles with original vocals that can be resung for your clients. (800) 854-2075.

GRACE MEDIA is pushing their new Promo and Spot Toolkit--Music beds, sound effects, vocal effects and other goodies. Call the toll free demo line, (800)-937-8250.

PHILADELPHIA MUSIC WORKS has drastically cut the price on their Ultimate F/X CD to $119. Worth checking out. (800) 368-0033.

FIRST TAKE, INC. out of Boston is another estab­lished production house making plans to expand their pro­duct into radio pro­duction libraries. Look for their debut library this fall. (617) 267-6272.


Synthesizer enthusiasts might want to check out ENSONIQ's new VFX synth. It's not a sampling keyboard, nor does it have a built in sequencer, but it appears to be one heck of a synthesizer.

YAMAHA has a new series of consoles. The MR Series consoles are available with 8, 12, or 16 inputs into a 4 X 2 buss configura­tion. You get EQ, 3 AUX sends and more at list prices from $1295 for the 8 input model to $1895 for the 16 input model. Nice price for the home stu­dio.


The 1989 SBE CONVENTION is set for October 4th through 8th in Kansas City, MO. If you didn't get your fill at NAB this year, equipment junkies can get ano­ther fix here. (317) 842-0394.

Entry deadline for the MOBIUS BROADCASTING AWARDS is October 1st. This international competition is for television and radio commercials. For more info call (312) 834-7773.

Kevin Hayes leaves WGFX in Nashville to assume Production Director's position at Power 99 in Atlanta. This is the position vacated by Randy Reeves, this month's interviewee. Congrats Kevin!

Dave Simmons grabs the Production Director's slot at Magic 102.9 in Dallas. Among the toys in Magic's new production room are the ABX-26 console, Otari's MX-70 8-track, a couple of Otari MTR-10's, Ensoniq's VFX synthesizer and more. Have fun Dave!

Johnny Thomas Productions is closing their Houston office and moving to Orlando. Johnny Thomas Productions specializes in ID's and sweepers as well as creative comedy bits for jocks. New phone number is (904) 753-8918.


Subscribers: On last month's Cassette, the 3rd place winner for Major Market Promo in the Firsty Award competition was indeed Greg MacArthur of KMGI in Seattle; however, a promo from Greg Fadick of Y108 in Denver was erroneously put on The Cassette instead of Greg MacArthur's. Apologies from R.A.P. and FirstCom for letting this one get by.