We kick off this month's Cassette on side A with work from Ed Brown, Creative Director/Production Manager at KSHE-95 in St. Louis and subject of this month's interview. Also on the PROMO side, 2 superb promos for Magic 102.1's "Zeptember" promotion from Tom Versen and Kevin Casey in San Diego. David Jay has the production helm at Q-102 in Philadelphia and makes a great contribution to this month's Cassette with a couple of "Attitude" promos on side A and a presentation produced for NAB's Radio '89 held last month in New Orleans. The presentation closes out side B. Joel Moss strikes again with WEBN's version of an RAB promo on side A. On the COMMERCIAL side, note that cut 1 is a jingle written, produced, and sung by Dan Popp and a couple of the guys at WHLO in Akron. Well done!


1) Composite from Ed Brown, KSHE-95, St. Louis
2-3) "Zeptember #1 & #2" from Tom Versen & Kevin Casey/Magic 102.1, San Diego, CA
4) "Ohmuhgod Girl" from Glenn Miller/WKDF, Nashville, TN
5) "I dumped 'em T-Shirts" from David Jay/Q-102, Philadelphia, PA
6) "Those Other Guys" from David Jay/Q-102, Philadelphia, PA
7) "Without Radio" from Joel Moss/WEBN, Cincinnati, OH
8) "Ordinary Man" from Brent Farris & Dayle Honda-Stice/FM-100, Santa Rosa, CA
9) Contest promo from Mark McKay of O'Brian/McKay Media produced for WKSI-FM
10) "George Michael in Madrid" from Rick Allen/HOT-97, New York, NY
11) "Xmas Contest For Kids" from Michael R. Terry/WSOC-FM, Charlotte, NC


2) "Incognito" from Dave Simmons/KMGC-FM, Dallas, TX
3) "Cypress Run Apts." from Joel Cash/Y-96, New Orleans
4) "Plaza Chevy" from Mark Mitchell/WAFX-FM, Norfolk, VA
5) "Gourmet Goose" from Sandra Hudson & Chris Randolph/WDJX, Louisville, KY
6) "Kenmore Cleaners" from Bruce Shelton & Liz Hastings/WFLS-FM, Fredericksburg, VA
7) "Splash Club" from Larry Whitt/Power 104, Houston, TX
8) "Selection Video" from Jim Wright & Joel Bolton/WIZN-FM, Burlington, VT
9) "Latavis Car Wash" from Thomas Pluister/106-KHQ, Charlevoix, MI
10) "A Taste of Mexico" from Ken Dixon/BJ-105, Orlando, FL
11) "Ethyl Merman" spoof from Tom Versen & Kevin Casey/Magic 102.1, San Diego, CA
12) "Mesquite Molly's" from Pete Jensen/KZZU-FM, Spokane, WA
13) "Radio '89" presentation from David Jay/Q-102, Philadelphia, PA

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